I have a big problem, yesterday i got update on my laptop for windows 10 and i upgraded it and now all the data is erased except my folders.

Secondly, i dont know how to activate the windows tried so many keys from google but didnt worked. Then i wanted to do windows update, it says i am not connected to internet but i am using youtube and google then how it can say that i am not connected. Also when i tried open store it says the same that no internet.

I tried to do recovery by restoring to windows 8 but there is no such option i tried system restore there is no point.

I dont know what to do now, but my drive D (recovery drive) is still full i think it might be windows 8 recovery in it bit dont know how i can recover from there. Even i dont know how to format this window 10 and reinstall win 8.

Plz help me out...