This error has me stumped.

I am using a normal connection with wired ADSL internet from AT&T, it is very slow though 768/128k.

During the download process it will suddenly stop and show this error 0x80244018..

The others on the internet have indicated that this is a denial of service from MS servers because they think your connection is by way of a proxy or possibly a VPN but I am using neither of these.

The other weird thing is that on one occasion I was able to get the download to reach 100% but it never actually stopped downloading it just kept showing 100% downloading. Another strange thing was for eg. it would get to
say 80% downloaded, then if the update was stopped and then started again (if you need to turn the PC off and back on again) it would say 72% downloaded!!

Just to check I tried to delete the current software distribution folder and clear any corrupt files which also didn't work...Been trying to download 1803 since friday.