How to completely disable windows update virus

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    How to completely disable windows update virus

    Dear all.
    I do not consent to the general idea my computer would be safer if I change software setup every day (updating). After my 20+ years of computer usage NO virus has of yet been discovered by a "virus protection" software before buying an upgrade for this specific virus. All viruses I experienced until finding clam AV had to be cleaned out using Linux. The idea of viruses is to be new, innovative and unknown by the user for passing under the users radar.

    The only safe computer usage is a consistent behaviour in software allowing the user to immediately discover changes to appearance or behaviour.

    My golden rules :
    1. Never use a paid virus protection as the business is to create more business, there is no better way creating more business than having the user to install a virus magnet and pay for it. After nine years of using clam antivirus I have never had any viruses, all my experience of viruses is from work and friends computers using norton antivirus etc. (I will not tell you about the embarrasment at the IT-department at work when I was browsing round colleagues locked down computers cleaning out a windows update using puppy linux, that was not in any of their manuals)

    2. Setup tight rules in firewall. Do you need an open port for xbox games exchange on a youtube/browser kiosk ?

    3. Never pull emails to your computer, always keep emails on a webservice.

    4. Never update as all updates is new unproven software. Several times the actual update has created more problems than any virus. A need for "updates" is due to open holes in kernel, address the open holes instead as new viruses will try to exploit same holes.

    5. Keep computer boring as you will immediately discover new "exciting" behaviour. A computer is just a tool such as a screwdriver, hammer, used for acheiving what you aim for.

    And this brings me to my question :
    - All windows update virus functions such as update orchestrator, update engine, update scheduleer etc is disabled in registry on my computer but still a update is now installing in my computer firing a blue screen at every boot telling me my windows 10 is free from any microsoft influence since october 2017. This blue screen can be cleaned out but how is it coming back downloading ?

    I am impressed how innovative this new virus from microsoft is designed finding its way through my tight firewall settings and being installed allthough all windows update functions is disabled. This blue screen now causes boot times well passed 10 seconds as the virus also fires up a webbrowser with a link, fortunately Im controlling network access manually =0)

    Please kick me in the head with any ideas pointing me to what I have missed disabling this risky update, I have occassionally been searching remedies since october 2017 without success.

    If any of my text offends you I apologize, best solution is you throwing your computer out the window so your problem, me, is out of sight and out of mind. Please dont forget disconnecting computer and opening window first preventing any selfinflicted injuries.

    Hugs 'n kisses =0)

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    jpma said: View Post
    If any of my text offends you I apologize, best solution is you throwing your computer out the window so your problem, me, is out of sight and out of mind. Please dont forget disconnecting computer and opening window first preventing any selfinflicted injuries.

    Hugs 'n kisses =0)

    Or just ignore future posts to the thread....
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    Or just switch to some useless OS.
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    How interesting.

    May I assume there is no possibility disabling windows updates preserving computer in current working state ?

    I am running other os's but unfortunately no other competitor to microsoft has the same resources for development forcing me to revert back to microsoft every week. For example the linux ubuntu releases has since release 10.04 been crippled by system rot, folders and files is being locked down when "system" claims ownership of users files and folders forcing the user to use system admin (root) the last month before system locks down completely. The android-x86 system is a fantastic idea opening up a laptop to the app-world of android but is being crippled by resources, the only developer has no time informing how to enable and adjust midi resources and cpu-control forcing users spend endless time on trial and error just getting hardware working properly killing the idea using a computer for actual work instead of hobbytinkering.

    Nevertheless, the question here is about win 10 os and to assume the responses there is no help to find howto control windows update.

    Thank you all.
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    There exist methods to disable WU completely. But the way you wrote this lenghty topic using the wording you chose with not so positive attitude might not encourage users to help you out.

    Maybe a rephrasing without the extra noise would be in order? Might be worth a try. :)
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    Please Don't feed the troll
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