I have 4 computers and have a gateway that has been giving me problems updating since fall creator update. It took me weeks to finally get it to update. When the spring update came out, was able to get three updated without a problem, but once again the gateway would get to 82% and freeze. after restarting it would go back to previous build. Went to some forums to see if anything new showed up. There was a post that mentioned problems with certain wifi adapters. I did have a wifi adapter, but used hard wired network. So I removed adapter, and tried one more time. When the update said it was ready to restart, I turned off my norton firewall, and removed all usb cables except for mouse and removed network cable and hit restart. I watched as it loaded. Checked back periodically to see if it locked up and needed restart. To my surprise it went all the way to end without freezing. Now I have the computer with current update working. I was afraid my gateway and reached the end of life since it wasnt on list of updatable gateways. SinFce I don't need the wi fi on computer, I just left it off and hopefully it will continue to update. If you have been having problems trying to get you update to complete, and you have a wifi adapter attached, try removing it and then update.