I'm having some odd issues on my Surface Pro 4 running Windows 10 Enterprise. Started last night.

First, I got the error “Your device is at risk because it’s out of date and missing important security and quality updates. Let’s get you back on track so Windows can run more securely. Select this button to get going”.

I went into Windows update, and sure enough, there were a few updates pending. This surprised me, because it's been updating on it's own as expected for years - but I went ahead and installed them. It was a handful of driver/firmware updates, specifically "System 2.02.0", " System 1.0.821.0", "HIDClass 2.0.313.0" and "Firmware".

On restart, the same “Your device is at risk..." error remained, but no further updates were found. I poked around and found someone suggesting that KB4073290 would resolve this. I installed it without error, but it didn't change the issue.

I realized that even though it wasn't coming up as available, KB4093112 was not installed. I downloaded it and installed it and the error went away.

So, two things:

1) Any reason to think everything's not A-Ok now?

2) During this whole rigamarole, I noticed something really weird about the dates of all my "Driver Updates" - a lot of the updates were dated as much, much older than make sense (photo below). Any idea what's going on here?


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