Windows 10: laptop not responding after 3/2018 Windows 10 updates

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  1.    16 Mar 2018 #1

    laptop not responding after 3/2018 Windows 10 updates

    Chrome won't load. It opens but just keeps showing "Loading ... ."
    When I click on Start/Settings, the Settings box opens but nothing in it.
    When I open Task Manager a blank gray window opens.

    Just to name a few ...

    Last night after 3 forced shutdowns and then restarting things started to function and everything worked fine the rest of the evening.

    Tonight I booted up and there was a huge delay on the page where I type in my password. I didn't think it was going to open, but it finally did.

    Then I started trying to work with the computer and the same stuff from last night was happening all over again.

    Can anyone help?
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  2.    17 Mar 2018 #2

    1. First check your disk:
    Download and run Hard Disk Sentinel (trial) and make sure all disks are reported as good.
    If not, do not continue, and post back .

    2. Now check your file system:

    From an admin command or powershell prompt
    [Windows key + X, click command prompt (admin)]
    chkdsk C: /F
    Your PC will need to restart.
    Post back the result, which you can get after a restart as follows:
    Read Chkdsk Log in Event Viewer in Windows 10 Windows 10 Tutorials
    How to read Event Viewer log for Chkdsk in Windows 10 [Tip] | dotTech
    How do I see the results of a CHKDSK that ran on boot? - Ask Leo!
    Make sure the result is clear or fixed- else do not proceed.

    3. From an admin command prompt run
    and report the summary result.

    If ok, check to see if any symptoms have changed.

    4. If not, create a new user account (for test purposes) and compare your symptoms and report the result.

    Do you use disk imaging as we constantly recommend? (E.g. Macrium Reflect (free) )?
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  3.    17 Mar 2018 #3

    I had a terrible time last night after posting here. I ended up having to force a shutdown 4 times, which I have read is not good for your computer. It got a little more reactive after each restart, but still not good. I thought for sure I was going to be down a computer. It was driving me nuts so when I woke up at 3 a.m. I booted it. It was very sluggish; from the time I submitted my password to the time my desktop was completely loaded up was over 4 minutes. First thing I did was try Chrome and it did load. So then I proceeded with sfc /scannow and it came back with no integrity errors found.

    I clicked on a few other things to check and see if working and they were. As I said, sluggish, but operational. I opened Thunderbird and seen the answer from you.

    I ran the HD Sentinel (trial) and it showed (see screenshot).

    I use the free version of Macrium, but I don't know how reliable it is because I'm not sure I'm using it correctly. You can't even go to the forum and ask a question unless you have the paid version. And I have poured over the manual and directions many different times. I find it very hard to follow. I "think" I'm using it correctly but I can't be positive.

    I'm going to close down and then start again later and see how things look before I run the chkdsk C: /F and I will get back to you with how things go.

    Thank you very much for answering and providing this input. It sure helps!
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  4.    17 Mar 2018 #4

    Good report on your disk.

    When idle, does your task manager show any significant activity? If so, post a screenshot.

    My guess is that you'll be best to do an in-place upgrade repair install. Make sure you've at least, say, 20Gb free on C:
    Repair Install Windows 10 with an In-place Upgrade Windows 10 Tutorials

    Macrium Reflect is reckoned by the many users here as the most robust solution. True, the free version precludes access to the forum (well they have to give you some incentive to pay- as well as some further features!), but as you know, there is extensive help- with the program, on the internet, provided by Macrium.

    There are a couple of tutorials on this site on it, as well as a couple of videos. More videos on Youtube.

    It's really not that complicated- expecially the free version- the big disadvantage is the clunky Geeky GUI (my opinion) esp. compared to, say, Aomei Backupper.

    Powering off- rather than allowing a graceful shutdown- can put the disk at hazard- depends what it's writing. It also prevent settings being saved- registry being updated.

    So yes, there's a possibility of corruption.
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  5.    18 Mar 2018 #5

    It doesn't appear that chkdsk C: /F found any problems. See attached.
    And yet there is a problem with Windows somewhere (drivers?) It took me 3 forced shutdowns and restarts tonight to get Chrome to open.

    Thus in-place upgrade repair install that you talk about ... Does this mean I lose all my programs and everything and have to start over?

    I just found the instructions for stopping Windows Updates from installing mfgs. apps, which I think includes drivers. If I'm wrong please set me straight. Someone told me that laptops often don't like the drivers that WU wants to install. I wonder if that is the problem here.

    Anyway, what is your opinion about uninstalling the latest updates and then installing them manually?
    laptop not responding after 3/2018 Windows 10 updates Attached Files
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  6.    18 Mar 2018 #6

    An in-place upgrade repair install keeps all programs and data and most settings (I usually say that in bold as most people then ask the question- I forgot this time) (it hopefully makes that clear in tutorial). You lose restore points; system restore is disabled, and your build number reverts to the base build of that major build, so a large update follows. Some registry entries are rest, services set to default. I.e. lots of possible things are fixed, but not user profile corruption.

    Drivers for everything you need for your PC are handled by Windows. Only if there's a problem should you intervene.

    Someone told me that laptops often don't like the drivers that WU wants to install.
    no, not usually a problem.
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  7.    18 Mar 2018 #7

    Do I understand, then, that I should not try uninstalling the updates and reinstalling manually?

    The Repair Install Windows 10 with an In-place Upgrade Windows 10 is a little deep for me, I fear. I read through it and I'm totally lost.
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  8.    18 Mar 2018 #8

    It's quite easy. Download a Win 10 iso.
    Mount the iso (rt click, Mount by default).
    Run setup.exe

    Or- create a bootable medium from the iso (USB drive or DVD)
    Log in normally
    run setup.exe from that disk.
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  9.    18 Mar 2018 #9

    Ok, I'll take another look at it. You've been so patient and such a help, but just for learning purposes, would you answer my question about uninstall the updates?

    I'm beginning to wonder if Chrome isn't the biggest problem. I'm going to try doing a clean uninstall of Chrome and then reinstall and see what happens there. I will get back,
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  10.    18 Mar 2018 #10

    First, as before:
    When idle, does your task manager show any significant activity? If so, post a screenshot. (Processes, Performance tabs)

    How much space do you have free on C:?

    Please advise that first.

    Second, forget issues about updates for now.

    Suggest you make sure before attempting the in-place upgrade repair install you have access to the tutorial via another PC or as a printout.
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