I upgraded yesterday using Windows Update. I had Windows 8.1.

Here are the problems I'm having:

-Chrome isn't functioning well. Some pages refuse to load. Sometimes it just hangs on an open tab.

-Cortana isn't working at all. Clicking the Notebook does not bring up the menus and options there, it just 'thinks'. Typing in a question does nothing, she just thinks. And asking a question causes her to just think as well.

-Skype will not connect. I should note I've uninstalled and reinstalled Skype and Chrome.

-Restarting does not occur instantly. It takes time.

-Attempting to open some programs just doesn't happen. It sits there, and does nothing. This includes Windows programs like Task Manager.

-The new Start Menu and Cortana has frozen and hung on me multiple times, causing a need to restart.

-After almost a full day, sometimes just sitting here and clicking 'Activate', I still have yet to Activate.

-When installing programs, it asks if I'm OK making changes to the computer. After clicking 'yes', the dialog disappears, and then the blank screen just sits there for a few minutes before anything happens.

Needless to say, I'm a bit frustrated and disappointed, and at a total loss here.