Win 10 Pro machine off for a few days. I have delayed the Fall update for 365 days as of 12/17 though I will eventually get around to installing it. I believe I know that the Meltdown/ Spectre update is non negotiable. With win 7 it was easy to disable all updates. While not good security policy I went at times for over a year without installing any cum. roll ups. This morning after booting I noticed constant disk activity and I thought uh-oh here comes the Meltdown/ Spectre update. Sure enough my only option at shutdown was to basically install. (1) What would have happened if I had just deleted the SoftwareDistribution folder assuming I was able to? Could that have caused all sorts of problems at boot up since the system was apparently going to be looking for the update it told me that it had just downloaded and was going to install at shutdown or next boot. (2) Did MS do away the CMD prompt trick "net stop wuauserv" etc. to stop updates.

I assume if that means was available I would have to do it again if it got enabled and of course if I had deleted the SoftwareDistribution folder next time with an Internet connection it would download all over again. So I just went ahead and let it install:2017-12 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1703 for x64-based Systems (KB4053580) successfully installed on 01.12.2018

I shut down afterwards and won't be home until this evening to see if it has noticeably slowed the computer any.This was the Dec cum roll up. Is this the one that accounted for the Meltdown/ Spectre fix assuming that my AV (Bitdefender) installed the necessary reg key? Thanks