How to Stop Security Patch for Intel Processors

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    How to Stop Security Patch for Intel Processors

    I can't agree with performance loss and I don't want to update security patch for Intel Processors.
    I will reinstall Windows 10 on 1509 or 1607 version.
    Can you explain me how to avoid 1709 Update and Security Patch for Intel Processors.
    How many updates have and I would like to know numbers of them, KBxxxxxx?
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    There is no significant performance loss. Chill out.
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    Both my system use Intel CPU's (My System Specs) and I got both system updated.
    I have not noticed any type of slow down of any kind.

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    I will decide about that after update all patches, benchmark tests and revert Windows 10 to July 2015 without Internet connection.
    If I notice difference more than I could tolerate how to prevent Windows 1607 from July 2016 to update allone new Securuty Patch.
    Maybe with Hidding Windows Updates?
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    Vlada011 said:
    I can't agree with performance loss and I don't want to update security patch for Intel Processors.
    I will reinstall Windows 10 on 1509 or 1607 version.
    Can you explain me how to avoid 1709 Update and Security Patch for Intel Processors.
    How many updates have and I would like to know numbers of them, KBxxxxxx?
    Use the tutorial to hide / unhide updates Hide or Show Windows Updates in Windows 10
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    And guys above, you are damage control hired by Intel or what.
    Better check what happen with performance worldwide.
    I talk with guy who 20-30 years work in IT and informative companies, he say we should be happy if performance loss is 50% after 12 months than same platform without any patch.
    They will arrive little by little, immediately over 20% after all patch updates.

    I'm sick of all abnormal people who defend customers who save money months to buy hardware and defend multi billion companies.
    All of such people should be aware that show classic symptoms of hardware addiction and illuision and defend own source of hardware, drug or other things. You should shame. We are here because such profile of people.
    Because Intel and NVIDIA managers are excellent in prediction how much fat-retarded-robot addicted to hardware could tolerate. I mean how big ******* he could accept in a*** without complains. And they are excellent in such estimation.

    If all people think as me I promise you Intel would refund last dollar to owners of Z87, Z97, Z170, Z270, Z370, X99 AND X299 chipset.
    CPU and Intel chipset, that mean motherboard, or at least full cost of CPU. I promise you if only people think as me.

    AMD Customer i Customer, Intel Customer is Victim. That's fact.
    Intel should be faced with charge of at least 50.000 enthusiasts worldwide who will demand compensation for their performance loss and because bad experience with their investment.
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    One of first Intel Pentiums had much smaller problem and Intel has refunded them or exchanged them for new model, from old chips they made key chains.
    How to Stop Security Patch for Intel Processors-image.png
    Intel recalled Pentium P5 chips in 1995 and turned them into keychains inscribed by CEO - Business Insider

    This time there are lot more chips affected and may drive Intel into serious financial troubles. It would take much more pressure by governments to do anything about it. It would take at least US government to say "No more Intel unless this mess is fixed satisfactory" but I seriously doubt that would happen. On one side NSA or CIA may have had some of their fingers in there and at least have known about it long time before public did.
    I have always used Cyrix and AMD processors and systems, any Intel system I had was purely incidental because can't stand Intel price gauging and very small incremental performance upgrades between processor generations.
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    Intel is bunch of criminals who deserve to be faced with mass charge and demand for full compensation of products.
    Every day you will read about negative sides of this mess and enthusiasts will not calm down until they replace motherboard and processor.
    For me that's cost worth 1000-1500$. I don't have such money. I save money 2 years before platform upgrade.

    When Intel launch new CPU without bug, news about flaws of previous architectures will popup as popcorns.
    In that moment from losing money Intel will start to profit from such news and damage control will stop to decrease impact of this bug on computers. Than people will be faced with reality and real performance decrease but will be to late for any charge.

    Intel can't get process on court.
    They sell processors with flaw worth 100-2000$ with knowledge about security flaws, 1 crime.
    Second crime is decreasing performance of computers. Every single percent count because Intel profit billions from people who upgrade because 10% difference and than such small difference was very important reading reviews and Intel statements.

    I don't care how they want to compensate me, to take my mobo with their chipset and cpu and refund me, to send me CPU with more cores do compensate performance loss on my motherboard X99. Or to give me brand new CPU with 6 cores without bug.
    I don't want discounts because I didn't plan upgrade, I don't want security bug or performance loss, that's my right.

    Guys who told them, guys who found bug and were completely shocked how easy they read computer as book after warning Intel didn't get answer whole week. Only for that week Intel profit good part of money necessary to compensate customers everything.
    But they knew at least from summer 2017. Communities didn't care for warn from US government about flaw in Intel chips from November 2017. That was evidence that they knew in that moment everything.
    Only during silence period, I mean on period when Intel sell CPU with flaw - security bug they profit enough money to compensate damage to customers. Only for 6 months of period.
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