Windows update stuck at 99% after restore! (Help)

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    Windows 10

    ta2025 said:
    Microsoft absolutely does not take their user base seriously in any way. "Please wait 4 to 7 hours" is a completely unacceptable answer from a group of people whose every FINAL answer is to get ordinary users mired down in the weeds of their god-awful registry and so frustrated that they buy a Mac next time.
    Way to go Microsoft!

    I have exactly the same problem on a Surface Pro 4 and the first question any "official" asked me was to check to see if my computer was compatible or not?? Really? You made the freeking computer.

    Iv'e also now been 2 days without use of my Surface Pro 4 (which was JUST reinitialized because I was HOPING to get some kind of meaningful battery life from it - I'm convinced I can't), and in the process of doing this last 1709 cumulative update for December, it has totally lost its mind.

    I have tried EVERY trick mentioned in all of these forums and one major flaw is that under no circumstances will the windows update service ACTUALLY stop. It always errors out without stopping and to move forward with anything update related, you MUST reboot. I have also cleaned out the software distribution folder (except for the package it currently will not allow me to delete because its holding it open by the update process that will not stop) Every time I reboot, windows DOES NOT show "update and restart"... just "update", but it goes into "Getting Windows Ready" anyway and this process cannot be stopped. About 3 hours later, it finally goes to a desktop with no message or notification of any kind, but the update never happens and I start the whole cycle over again...

    I've done this five times now. Like I have said, I have tried every trick / method and powerscript to reset the windows update. Everything thats been mentioned in a windows forum so far.

    Nothing works.

    I've been a computer professional for 30 years and used every platform going back to Apple II and CP/M. I cut my eye teeth on windows and DOS and been there through thick and thin through the whole process and I recommend computers to co workers and friends on a daily basis and put my neck out there for these kinds of upgrades...

    Tell me, why shouldn't I just abandon it all for Macs? I know thats dirty word here, but I NEVER get this level of hurt from an Apple device, especially for something I had no hand in creating at all. There is nothing about this current situation that is my fault in any way and I was just following normal update procedures and this microsoft built device running the latest microsoft software just TOTALLY WIGS OUT. I know the things I have tried to fix this. There is no way at all I would EVER expect a normal user of business apps to attempt to fix or run the procedures I have.

    This is just nuts.
    Yeah, I tried this and it still wouldn't install on my computer.
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    cosmicbite said:
    Forgot to mention, I was also having trouble stopping the windows update service, what I did was turn off the internet so the service wouldn't restart and that seemed to do the trick so I could follow the other steps.
    I also had to do this, and I got a message saying the update didn't install.

    It's funny, but I have an HP Laptop that's fairly new, and it received a bios update from HP (it also has an AMD cpu), and it's not having any problems with any updates. It's just my 10 year old Compaq Presario with an AMD Athlon processor that's having problems.
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    Windows 10

    I finally got my old computer to update! The steps I had to go through (and I don't know if anybody else has to do the same) is I unplugged my internet modem, restarted my computer (I had to use the power button to shut off my computer after it got stuck at Do Not Turn Off Your Computer), waited 30 seconds to turn my computer back on, waited for my computer to reboot (you'll get the Do Not Turn Off Your Computer thingy again but just ignore that and your computer will reload windows after awhile), went through the steps that somedude outlined, plugged in my modem, got online, and with Microsoft Edge, searched for the KB4054517 update. This time it installed!

    Then they'll tell you to restart the computer to complete the installation and that's what happened!

    Thanks somedude, but I had to take some extra steps (ie: unplugging my modem).
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    Windows 10 Version 1709 Build 16299.309

    After trying for days, with several methods, THIS WORKED for me!!!
    I found it under Settings, Windows Update, "get Help"
    Please note, I was stuck on Version 1703 OS Build 15063.966

    Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant is stuck at 99%

    If the progress of Windows Upgrade Assistant is stuck at 99% for more than four hours, here's something you can try. Note: Follow these steps before you restart your PC. Otherwise, the Media folder might not be available.

    • Open File Explorer, type C:\$GetCurrent, and then press Enter.
    • Copy and paste the Media folder to the desktop. If you don't see the folder, select View and make sure the checkbox next to Hidden items is selected.
    • Restart your PC, open File Explorer, type C:\$GetCurrent in the address bar, and then press Enter.
    • Copy and paste the Media folder from the desktop to C:\$GetCurrent.
    • Open the Media folder, and double-click Setup.
    • Follow the instructions to start the upgrade. On the Get important updates screen, select Not right now, and then select Next.
    • Follow the instructions to finish upgrading to Windows 10. After it's done, make sure to install available updates. Select the Start button, and then select Settings > Update & security > Windows Update > Check for updates.

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