Windows 10: Recurring issues in Windows 10 Pro 64 bit

  1.    28 Sep 2017 #1

    Recurring issues in Windows 10 Pro 64 bit

    System info: Intel motherboard DH67CL with Intel i5-2400 quad core processor. 8 Gb RAM. Self built in Cooler Master tower.

    These issues keep recurring regularly.

    Bootup: Frequently takes just over 2 full minutes to boot. Work around is to restart using restart button on tower, after Intel info screen appears, which reduces time by 90 seconds. Very annoying.

    Shutdown: Frequently turns off monitor display, but PC keeps running indefinitely. Need to perform hard turn off, or turn off mains power. Ditto very annoying.

    Safe removal of USB devices: Frequently, using either drop down menu from USB device shortcut, and choosing eject option. Or safe removal on Notification area. Error message comes up: "Device is currently in use. Files could be damaged. Cancel. Try again. Continue." By clicking Try again, it shuts down and have never had any file damage. But what's annoying is the USB device was not open, but closed.

    Drag/drop folders/open files: Almost always the mouse pointer has to be placed on the top bar of the file, and left click held down for 4 or 5 seconds before the file can be dragged/dropped. Very, very annoying as this feature is frequently used for filing purposes, etc.

    eSATA socket: After every update, the eSATA socket fails to read the docking station for spinner hard drives. Usually it can be fixed by running Troubleshooting in Control Panel, which updates drivers. But last time this failed and it only worked after installing "Intel Rapid Storage" onto Win10. Other times it only worked after running the hard drive on Win7 eSAtA, and right clicking the hard drive icon in Computer > Properties > Tools > Check drive for system file errors. It then worked in Windows 10 eSATA port, but the check drive was not originally available in Win10.

    I hope the administrators of Windows Insider rad these posts.
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  2. Caledon Ken's Avatar
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       28 Sep 2017 #2

    Hi Mustang.

    Please take a moment to fill in system specs, especially Motherborad and Version Build numbers.

    Safe removal of USB devices, I see this all the time. Not sure why but in my experience it is the larger drives. 8GB and below eject fine. I have a 64GB and it will be a cold day in H377 when that ejects properly.

    The other items to me sound like drivers. In particular Windows is loading default drivers and not system hardware specific. The last item is a great example, it has to install Intel Rapid Storage. I would scan device manager and ensure the right drivers are being loaded, like the one for your mouse, not the one that sort of works. You may need the Intel Management Engine. I would see what the vendor has listed on their site and then look to see how your system is handling.

    If this is drivers then document and store the ones you need, every major update you will need to do over.

    The very first issue, bootup, sounds like Windows Fast Startup isn't processing right, especially if you have to hit the "Reset" button on case.

    To a command prompt(admin) or powershell(admin)

    powercfg -h off

    This shuts off hibernation which quickly disables Windows Fast Startup. If this works you can renable hibernation, same command but with the word on, and then just kill Fast Startup.

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  3.    29 Sep 2017 #3

    Hi Ken, thanks for the input.

    Motherboard is Intel DH67CL. Win10 System version: 10.0.14395 Build 1493

    Keyboard mouse is Microsoft wireless so MS drivers are correct ones.

    Have installed all drivers offered by Intel for this board and Win 10 64bit.

    Tried command to shut down hibernation, but no difference to bootup/shut down problems.

    Cheers Mustang
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  4. Caledon Ken's Avatar
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       29 Sep 2017 #4

    Interesting. the initial boot for sure sounded like Fast Startup.

    If you could, Windows key + R, type winver, enter. It will likely say V1607, OS build Could you post please?

    Have you run sfc /scannow ?

    Not say to do it but are there any BIOS updates posted on your motherboard web site?

    Have you tried going into Advance Power options and restore defaults for current plan.
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  5.    30 Sep 2017 #5

    Hi Ken,

    I notice that if I am only using one USB3 stick, safe removal works seamless. But the problem occurs when 2 USB3 sticks are in operation.

    * Version is: 1607 ( OS build 14393.1725 )

    * Have run sfc /scannow several times.

    * Have the latest BIOS update.

    * Have tried restoring Advanced power options to default several times. Works OK a few times, but then reverts to malfunction.

    * Even after installing Intel RAID rapid storage, the fix was only temporary. So installed RAID Marvell eSATA AllOS, and that seems to have fixed the problem permanently. Takes about 12 seconds after turning on docking station with HD installed for it to appear in Computer folder.

    Cheers M :)
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  6. Caledon Ken's Avatar
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       01 Oct 2017 #6

    Great. So it is drivers. One thing to watch when you install a driver and it works for a while. Go into device and note driver you installed, then when you feel it is not working check driver version.

    Windows is set to update drivers automatically and it sounds like it is not identifying your gear correctly or you wouldn't have to install the Marvell driver.

    Somewhere down in the bowels this could be 'influencing" other items like power.

    I found this article and this is what I'm using in 1703. It must be working as my Wi-Fi card requires an ancient driver and I know there are current updates, I get the most recent one every major update, like V1703.

    In the article quite a ways down there is a link labelled “Disable Automatic Driver Updates Hacks”
    This downloads a zip file with two registry hacks. Read the paragraph above the link. I used the hack on my V1703 (Creators). Likely have to run Hack after each major update, Anniversary, Creator.

    At some point your device is going to update to Creators (V1703), you are on Anniversary (V1607). When this occurs check on those Marvell drivers. Bet they are gone and issues will be back.

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  7.    02 Oct 2017 #7

    Hi Ken,

    Thanks for the latest input. Will read up on the linked article you posted. Also thanks for the heads up re when I'm updated to V1703. Will post the results after it happens.

    Cheers M :)
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       04 Oct 2017 #8

    how can i change the position of fonts in tiles view of folders in latest insider builds ?? i want it same as in build 1703 but MS change it,,, anyway to get it back ?? also, the hard drives names are written in middle unlike in 1703
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