Upgraded my tablet to latest Slow Ring version 6251, and I found it has broken touchmousepointer which I use to turn full screen into a giant mouse track pad. Works fine on CU version.

Have a look at these two videos.

In first video, cursor (fake one to record it) is over letter q, but you can see as I press letters in keyboard, they are entered into notepad


In second video 16251 (and verified in 16281), cursor is over q but no matter what letter I press (you cannot see that from video, it only types letter q i.e. the letter q is retaining the focus all the time.


Also, it is virtually impossible to use mouse pointer, as when you take finger off the screen, the cursor snaps to the last position of finger - see this video.


I have reported it to lovesummertrue.

They told me to upgrade to latest version - above are with latest version, so I created the videos to show them.