I am on the fast ring for insider previews therefore updates are automatic normaly that is,yesterday the update to build 15048 started to install it's self then gave up with the popup (setup can not install this update on a USB stick) that through me back a bit since NO USB stick was plugged into this laptop at the time. I did a Windows update diagnostic it found a problem and fixed if. I tryed again with the update just the same popup. Last Friday I installed a new SSD on this old HP C700 speed the old snail up. Connecting it up by a usb to sata converter to klone my old HDD it was easy and quickly done, and worked like wow to speed up the old snail. So what I thought was Windows update or my system see's it as a usb stick I opened device manager went to Hdd's the SSD was there ok I opened hidden devices and deinstalled all references to my old hdd and of the ssd as a usb device. did a restart and checked that only the intel ssd was listed hidden or otherwise. Checked it with Aida64 that as far as the system was concerned it was connected as a SATA2 SSD direct no usb anything, and after what is now 10 hours work it still won't install the B update and I give up for a while coz Iv'e got other things to do than chase my tail for hours. Can anybody think of something to help please I'm no novice but not an OS guru:)