Not many would know about Windower for FFXI (3rd oarty tool that priveds at times unfair advantages depending How you used it, (orginally it was a means to run FFXI in a window way before Square Enix introduced Windowed Modes, i still use it for some information like Party TP Levels, a "Box helper" (they have these treasture caskets you haveto open by guessing a random 2 digit combination from 01~99) and Pet's TP Levels. )

Something's changed in Insider Preview this round for RS2, than in RS1/Release Anniversery Update. that prevents Windower from Hooking into "PlayOnline"'s Process "POL.exe". Considering this tool works on a normal Release of windows 10 (AU) Its not something Done by SquareEnix to prevent it.

Now i'm not looking for support for this tool my point is, since this is a change Only in this line of Insider Preview builds, Is there some kind of Antimalware/Process protection in these builds?