Windows 10: Build 10158 Impressions

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  1.    30 Jun 2015 #1

    Build 10158 Impressions

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Taskbar's User Interface

    -Progress Meters on taskbar icons are back to flowing horizontally, and are back to being green when playing, yellow when paused. Attention-Needed status is back to being orange. The open-app status stands-out more as well. All thanks to them not being white anymore. Thank god. This looks even better if you turn-off the colored Taskbar and use the default black one.

    Start Menu/Action Center

    - Action Center currently responds to touch swipe and pressing the notification tray icon. We'll see if this starts bugging-out soon like it usually does. - Updated below

    - Start Menu no longer bugs-out when I open it, resize tiles, nor when i drag and drop tiles to move them around. I can also pin/un-pin tiles without an issue right now. We'll see if this continues, or if problems start creeping-up. - Updated below

    - We'll also see if the tile stay where they are now, and stay the sizes they are now, after a reboot, which has been a problem all throughout Win10 Tech Previews.

    - I cannot mouse-scroll up and down the 'All Apps' list on Start Menu. Will see if this changes on a reboot.

    File Explorer Tweaks

    -Don't know if anyone else ran into this, but this build solves an issue I had been having. Right click Properties to see the file size of one folder of files. and then I couldn't right click on another folder to compare - it was like the open properties window took-over the window it came-from. This build fixes that, so I can once again compare folder sizes easily. Much needed when you move files around a lot.

    More Impressions Coming...
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  2.    30 Jun 2015 #2

    As anticipated, after a reboot, the previous positive impressions start turning negative....

    After a reboot:

    - Taskbar is glued-in place again, so you cannot easily drag it from one position to the next. Attempts to drag and drop the taskbar will cause File Explorer to freeze and restart. You have to do this instead by right-clicking the taskbar and setting it's position by the menu.

    - If you attempt to drag-and-drop the taskbar, both the Start Button and Action Center become unresponsive until File Explorer has finished locking-up and restarts itself.

    - Still cannot mouse wheel scroll up and down the 'All Apps' list, or up and down the start menu tiles if you have enough to push them outside of the start menu boundary.

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  3.    30 Jun 2015 #3

    General Win10 (not specific to build 10158) Impressions:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    - I still hate the new wi-fi notification tray icon with the signal strength icon. Being near the volume icon, which is the speaker with sound waves coming out of it, the two look too similar to each other. I hope there's an icon pack/theme pack released that can change it back.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    - I still hate that the active window titlebars are pure white with black text, and inactive ones are a duller-white with slightly grey text. You really can't tell the difference a lot of the time. It's a horrific design choice. Especially when you consider that modern apps have a nice colored window border that are actually part of the app instead of a strip across the top. I hope there's an icon pack/theme pack released that can change the titlebars back.
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       30 Jun 2015 #4

    Mouse wheel is scrolling up and down 'All Apps' fine here.
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  5.    30 Jun 2015 #5

    I have found no problems so far. Really liking it.
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  6.    30 Jun 2015 #6

    sgage said: View Post
    Mouse wheel is scrolling up and down 'All Apps' fine here.
    Same here, mine is working too.
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  7.    30 Jun 2015 #7

    Small bug:
    - Start at the desktop
    - Touch the "up arrow" systray compact menu thing to expand the hidden icons in it
    - Now touch the desktop
    - NOTE: Menu doesn't clear or disappear as it should.

    But works fine with mouse clicks instead of touch.
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  8.    30 Jun 2015 #8

    Is it just me or would anyone else like an easier way to get back to the desktop quickly WITH TOUCH (not mouse clicks).

    So you know the bottom-right of screen how you can click that tiny area with your mouse to instantly jump to desktop.
    Well I know it also works when you touch it, but it's a very small area and is tricky to always touch accurately.
    I know I can do WIN-D which is kind of fine, but it would be nice to have a super intuitive way to achieve this.

    - Slightly expand the size of the bottom right corner "jump to desktop" special zone; OR
    - What about if you hold in the windows key on a Surface Pro 3, rather than clicking it. Why shouldn't that jump to desktop!??

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  9.    30 Jun 2015 #9

    So far.. not a single issue.. This is a great build!! L)
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  10.    30 Jun 2015 #10

    Hi there

    One bug

    1) If you add a keyboard by mistake you can't remove it again.

    One Irritant -- not a bug really but should be avoided

    1) Office 2016 preview doesn't re-install after update to build 10158. Simply re-install again -- you don't lose email etc as that's still in your OLD office data (for example Office 2010 if you had it installed).

    One annoyance --- but it's designed to work that way.

    1) Edge -- can't use my media server / other servers that rely on a web browser interface using LOCALHOST or local IP addresses. It's been designed deliberately like that so we'll have to live with it. I'm keeping IE11 until there is some sensible solution to this problem.

    Otherwise build nice and snappy -- quite happy with it so far.

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