Gonna try to keep is short rather than ramble on which is often my tendency, especially after a glass of wine. Time will tell if I succeed.

Things I am liking about this build:

Folders on Start Menu!! I have been asking for these for some time now. They could have been implemented better (Better graphics, labels, more than one size), but I am glad they finally gave us this remedial piece of organizational functionality on start menu.

There are some nice new feature to Edge, but it still is not my browser of choice. It still lacks features I desire in a browser, and it has too many of Microsoft's intentional prods to try and herd users in the direction that they see fit. Now the new tab button in explorer is split and half of it will open the new tab in Microsoft edge. When I open some links in facebook within the edge app, rather than open like they should, they try to open in the facebook app, which causes them to not open, as the facebook app crashes. Totally lame.

I guess those are my main gripes. More signs of microsoft pushing their browser on us, and within that browser, trying to push 3rd party apps that lack functionality.

I will say, that my daughter has a very nice Acer Spin 7 touch screen laptop with a gorgeous touch screen display, and the windows 10 experience has really impressed me on this machine. I understand where they are looking to go, but they are not there yet. Windows 10 apps are still 3rd world, and lack modern look and functionality. Still way too boxy. Apple has all the cards to get their first if they would just incorporate IOS apps into the OSX experience, but alas, they still have not taken that basic step, so Windows still has a chance to get into that game.
But windows needs to quit forcing what is not yet fully developed on us. The facebook app would be solid if the newsfeed wasn't so small. As it is, I have a desktop app, and 3/4 of the screen goes to stuff I don't care about, while 1/4 is my news feed. It is still better in browser.

Enough rambling from me. Time for another glass of wine.