Windows 10: Win10 Build 10130 Impressions

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  1.    18 Jun 2015 #11

    ksdixon said: View Post
    After a lot of issues with getting the upgrade process to work again, I'm back with more impressions of 10130.
    Seems as though many of these are fixed in 10147.

    ksdixon said: View Post
    - I Can't unpin and can't remove certain folders from Quick Access (Pictures, Documents, Downloads refuse to bugger off no matter what I do).
    Works in 10147, although you can't click on the "pin" as you might expect. You have to right click the item and choose "Unpin from QuickAccess".

    ksdixon said: View Post
    - (For now) the start menu opens when you press the start button, and items pin/un-pin from start when you tell them too.
    I'm sorry, how is this a problem?

    ksdixon said: View Post
    - Action Center doesn't fly out when touch-swiping, or mouse-pressing on notification tray icon -- worked later after i started windows update, thus changing the notification tray icon to showing new notifications.
    That wasn't a problem in 10135, nor can I see it in 10147.

    ksdixon said: View Post
    - Windows Update says there was problems installing updates, but then found about 14 updates when I checked for any updates.
    Finding updates and installing them are two different things. I don't understand why you seem to think it shouldn't find new updates when it had problems installing other ones. Problems installing updates are common, particularly when you have updated multiple beta builds, stuff just doesn't get cleaned up. You have to do a clean install now and again.

    ksdixon said: View Post
    - After a reboot, Start Menu pinned items lost their icons, and strange numbers appeared on the Start Menu's upper right corner.
    I've seen certain people have that problem with icons, again it seems to be related to multiple upgrades of betas. The "strange numbers" are called Guid's.

    ksdixon said: View Post
    - How asinine is it that we only get one 'recently installed' slot on the start menu lists? and 7 for most used? At least give us a 3-5 split instead.
    I'm sure this will be a setting eventually, although probably not for RTM. Remember, Windows 10 will get frequent updates, possibly as often as monthly.

    ksdixon said: View Post
    - I no longer seem to be able to mouse wheel-scroll up and down the All Apps area of the Start Menu (looking to quickly pin items). This is infuriating, having to use a tiny-ass scrollbar.
    Not a problem in 10135 or 10147.

    ksdixon said: View Post
    - I use the 'All In One Sidebar' firefox addon to give an Oprea-like sidebar. Look what happens to my firefox's titlebar when I have the sidebar opened.

    Attachment 21860
    This one is an issue with Firefox and the extension. They're not respecting the non-client area properly, and paying the price for it. Firefox or the extension will have to fix this. These kinds of problems happen every time Microsoft updates the way titlebars are rendered. Some apps just break because they made stupid assumptions.
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  2.    18 Jun 2015 #12

    ksdixon said: View Post
    - Cortana's search box disppears if you have the start bar in any position other than the bottom.
    Not a bug, this is by design. When you move the title bar to the top, for instance, you see the circle icon, when you click on that, you see that the search box is now on the bottom of the dropdown list. This is the way they designed it to work.

    ksdixon said: View Post
    - When viewing the pinned Recycle Bin in 'Content' view in Quick Access, the name disappears.
    Yes, only seems to happen in content view. Trashcan is a special folder/icon and may not support this kind of view.

    ksdixon said: View Post
    - I really fear for Windows 10's public reception (especially off the back of Win8), if they are having such stupid problems at this stage and the public release is so near.
    Why wring your hands over this? Either Microsoft will get things fixed, or they won't. Your worry won't change anything. Instead of predicting failure, why not just wait and see?

    There's still weeks of development left, and all these issues might already be fixed in internal builds. Many of them are already fixed, and some of them aren't even bugs, just your misunderstanding of what's going on.
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