Dell Venue 7140, Core-M, 4GB, 128GB

I'm having major problems with any of the RS2 Insider builds. I've been an Insider since pre-RTM and never had this type of issue. After installing the build I end up with an endless "Critical_Process_Died" blue-screen loop. Sometimes this will happen immediately after the install, other times after updating a driver. I've tried all of the usual tricks (system restore, sfc, dism, safe-mode, etc with no luck. What's interesting is that the boot process is actually working; it's something that happens right at the end of the boot that's causing the fault.

I've been down this road several times and have never been able to recover. Always re-installed the public release. Does anyone know what could be causing this or how to fix it? Yes, I know I could stop installing the Insider builds but feel like this is fixable.