I am talking about windows 10 release that scheduled for July 29. These question will determine if I get a windows 10 device in the future and whether or not I upgrade.

My questions are referring to windows home unless otherwise noted.

How often will Microsoft update windows 10 everyday, every week or every other week (If it is everyday it could be a problem when watching online videos)?

How often will Microsoft release a build to the consumer every month or two or three (This could use a lot of bandwidth)? Will it have a fast & a slow ring as well or will that only be available to insiders?

Say, you turn off your computer at night, will the updates be download the next day when you are using the computer?

How will windows 7 legit oemslp computer upgraded be handled, will I need to use the key on the back of the machine before upgrading if I did decided to do the upgraded?

If you turn on Metered connections will that stop the updates & builds from downloading?

Will you be able to create a local account with the Consumer Release?

Will I be able to go back to windows 7 if decided I didn't like windows 10?

Will you need to enable secure boot if using a 64 bit computer?