Windows 10: Build 10130 - explorer.exe crash on shutdown or restart

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  1.    02 Jun 2015 #21

    Aviras been working nicely, however Microsoft stated something like "if the 3rd party antivirus makes yourself more comfortable, go for it" but im having a feeling its tuff stuff already and now im not using anything with 10125
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       02 Jun 2015 #22

    Explorer/Mem error solved for some in these posts:

    Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10134 May Hit Fast Ring Soon

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  3.    02 Jun 2015 #23

    rmonroe36 said: View Post
    Explorer/Mem error solved for some in these posts:

    Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10134 May Hit Fast Ring Soon

    I tried it and it doesn't work all of the time.
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  4.    02 Jun 2015 #24

    Same here - explorer.exe error on shutdown/restart and this after an update to 10130 following an initial clean install of 10074 - then noticed update history shows that update KB3069068 install failed then later was successful but required a restart - 1st attempt and it hung - depowered - booted and had no start menu! restarted successfully but still it wants a restart to finish install of KB3069068 - Tried it - no change - It was all working reasonably till 10130 came along now it might hang on restart - you might or might not get start menu - updates are wanting restarts and not responding. Oh sod this! If this is windows 10 a few weeks before it will be launched onto an unsuspecting public - This is a joke isn't it!... no it's Microsoft being assholes!
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       02 Jun 2015 #25

    It seems to this old tech, that many existing computers in use today, and some with Windows 7 on them, just will not reliably or even some not at all, run or install Windows 10 (any version).

    One PC in particular, that I've had W-10 install failures with, is an older Compaq, X85 only, that did install Windows 7 and runs it just great.
    So the old saying that if a PC will run Windows 7, it will also run Windows 10, is just WRONG.

    It only takes just one tiny piece of code in a Bios to keep Windows 10 from loading. I even tried Windows 8.1, x86 on this old Compaq, with similar results..... after the first minute or so of file loading, I get the Black Screen of Death (BSOD) telling me to restart my PC.

    So, it just seems like there's going to be a lot of computers in the world that for whatever reason, will just never run Windows 10.

    Cheers Mates!
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  6.    02 Jun 2015 #26

    The error that's being discussed just started to occur in this build(10130).. This has nothing to do with anything you're talking about.
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       02 Jun 2015 #27

    And its happening on new and old computers.
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  8.    02 Jun 2015 #28

    rvbfan said: View Post
    And its happening on new and old computers.
    Yup.. this isn't a hardware issue.. but a memory management issue in the software/OS
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  9. Slartybart's Avatar
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       02 Jun 2015 #29

    dnasystems post# 21 Suggests setting a custom Virtual memory (pagefile) size (2048 / 4096)

    Interestingly, I routinely customize the page file and haven't seen this error for a while.
    Disabling Hibernation is another one of my all time favorites
    Launch an elevated Command prompt and enter

    powercfg -h off

    You'll need to restart for both a pagefile change and after disabling hibernation for them to take effect.

    There seems to be other issues in play, as Edwin noted. The time-to-kill is one of them ... often at shutdown, the warning XYZ application is preventing .... press ok to continue shutdown - just press ok.

    Cortana is a hog and is slowly taking over our machines. On the 2nd 10.0.130 install it acted as a caged beast consuming 99% of my disk activity. This install, my third seems to behave well (except for the bouncing /resizing tiles on Start)
    Workaround if Start won't open (toggle all switches in Settings > Personalize > Start ... it might require a few toggles, but Start eventually starts)

    Lastly, there seems to be another memory leak (a previous bld 041? had a similar issue).

    These things are common in development code.
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       02 Jun 2015 #30

    Just noticed something odd. When I restart for windows update, I don't get the error. If I restart for any other reason, I do.
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