Windows 10: Build 10049 -- Really fast and snappy --well done Ms

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       04 Apr 2015 #11

    70% now. It's definitely not a hardware issue so I'll side with the people who've reported it. It definitely didn't take this long when I upgraded from 10041 last time though.
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       04 Apr 2015 #12

    I've just realised it's been going on over three hours. The download took less than 20 minutes.
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       04 Apr 2015 #13

    I went from 9926 to 10049 in less than 60 minutes today, but had problem in the past.
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       04 Apr 2015 #14

    I'm going to have to leave this overnight. I've had too much Leffe, Hoegaarden and Talisker now and I have to be up early in the morning. Ibuprofen will be the order of the day tomorrow while I'm cooking the Easter beef, 10049 will have to wait.
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       04 Apr 2015 #15

    The time it took me 4 hours was a waste. After it finally finished it reverted back to 10041. You may want to quit it and start again later.
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  6.    04 Apr 2015 #16

    Gary said: View Post
    The time it took me 4 hours was a waste. After it finally finished it reverted back to 10041. You may want to quit it and start again later.
    Why was it a waste.
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  7.    05 Apr 2015 #17

    Lee said: View Post
    I like 10049 with the exception of not having my VMWare Workstation. I like playing around with VM's. So fix Microsoft. . .
    Hi there

    what's broken with VMware workstation -- works just fine for me (both with W7 host and a LINUX host). Note though with Workstation 11 (latest) and VMWARE player 7 3D isn't working on Linux Hosts -- not for me an issue -- Unity mode is also a bit flakey. Workstation 10 / Vmplayer 6 both work fine -- but then you lose nice features like Dynamic RAM allocation etc ==== "You pays your money and takes your choice !!!"

    VMware workstation / player both rel 11 and rel 10 (7 /6 for vmplayer) work just fine on W10 build 10049 Host too --- I think though VMplayer workstation 11 only works on 64 bit OS -- can't verify that as I don't run any more 32 bit OS'es any more apart from XP as a VM.

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       05 Apr 2015 #18


    I know this sounds odd (I just did a clean install on partition 2) it should work for an upgrade.
    I did a round about way of getting the install.esd for 10041 (if you have it should work as well)
    You should have it in the c:\recovery folder but could be located in another folder you will need to take ownership of that folder or use the take ownership reg file. The right click on the folder and take ownership. Follow the instructions ESD to ISO. Since you are doing an upgrade, you won't need to worry about the USB drive being bootable use a program like 7zip to extract files from the ISO to flash drive. Then run setup from the usb drive. I haven't tried an upgrade from windows 7 yet.

    Yes, I finally got 10041 and it working without crashing so far. To complicated to tell you how I got the install.esd and put the iso on USB drive. I did it.

    Here is my steps
    Using windows 7 boot cd, rebooting from windows 7
    Use Bootrec /fixboot
    Use Bootrec /fixmbr

    To restore windows 7 boot partition.

    Went into disk management.
    Shrunk the volume to half the size it was,
    Created a new volume without a letter (You can add the letter to windows 7 after you install is done)
    Rebooted back into windows 7
    Using disk management
    Selected that partition I created and choose mark partition as active
    Reboot system got boot error
    Unplugged The ethernet cord
    Plugged in USB drive
    Reboot hit the f12 when the logo comes up
    (On my system I can choose a temporary boot disk)
    Choose the Flash drive
    Windows 10 10041 is loading
    Using diskpart by pressing Shift+F10
    I selected Disk 0 and Select Partition 2 and type Active
    The exited diskpart
    Choose Custom install and clicked on Partition 2
    Started Install it took like 20 mintues
    Keep telling windows to ignore/skip connection to force a local account to be created.
    The after installed,
    Did an extra reboot
    Plugged the internet connection in
    Went into device Manager and update all my drivers that I wanted to do.
    Now it is working.
    Removed USB drive
    Then I boot up my Super Grub Boot disk
    Boot up my Linux operating system
    In the terminal
    Type grub-install /dev/sda
    Type update-grub

    Now I have a triple boot system.
    Windows 7
    Windows 8

    I might of missed a step or two. Sometime I never give up. :)
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  9.    05 Apr 2015 #19

    Well, after a shuffle of tons of files and a new 2 TB HDD I clean installed 10049 this morning on a bit faster HDD than it was on before. Still setting it up to my liking and adding programs but already feels better than when it was updated from 10041. Still getting black screen for about 15 seconds between log on and desktop. Gonna have to get another SSD next month, really not used to HDD speeds any more. It takes more than minut and half to boot to usable state while my 8.1, with many startup programs takes less than 15 sec. on SSD. Blessed be people that invented SSD.
    Oh, just to ad something. Realtek drivers, together with it's control center was installed automatically and everything works. Drivers for AMD R7 260 of mine were not installed, only basic MS ones but 14.12 Omega drivers installed correctly afterwards, together with CCC.
    Last edited by CountMike; 05 Apr 2015 at 10:35.
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       05 Apr 2015 #20

    Thanks for the advice but I have evrything squared away now.:)
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