Hi there
Funny issue here on a VM on a Linux (CENTOS 7) Host with build 14316.

On a Large (4K) monitor running in Full screen mode - after a while the Bottom taskbar randomly fails to re-appear. I need to sign out and then sign back in for the problem to go away (re-boot not required). I usually have taskbar set to Autohide.

This problem only occurs if I have the taskbar at the bottom of the screen -- doesn't occur if the taskbar is at the top/sides or if I'm not in Full screen mode.

I had this problem way back with a very early build -- it went away but has reared its ugly head again.

Could be a VMware problem (running Workstation version 12.1)

Click image for larger version. 

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A colleague of mine running the same build of VMWARE workstation with the same Monitor but running it on a W7 HOST doesn't get the problem so it could be VMWARE.

I haven't updated the Linux HOS or VMware workstation for at least 3 previous builds of Insider.