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    Win 10 Preview

    Dave44 said: View Post
    gabe confirms it wont be official buld

    it's a good policy; if the coming build 10036, is not working as good as the present build 9926, then should not be released, till it's as good as present one at least;.

    but i also think that some old computers may get affected by the upgrades,do to old hardware.
    that's why Linux is still every bodies friend,you can use it with any Hardware.
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    Windows 10 Pro, Version 1809, Build 17763.1

    I just wish they would hurray up and release something..I guess I need to be more patient.
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    Davy49 said: View Post
    I just wish they would hurray up and release something..I guess I need to be more patient.
    I feel the same way but I got a taste of the new build by testing the leak out(10036). But, I really want a less buggy build to test.
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    Hi there

    Software without errors !!! Now that's one for the book --I suppose if there weren't any errors people would invent them (Banks etc particularly couldn't say Software glitches / updates stopped people accessing their money for days at a time !!)). What would all the QA people do if software was always delivered 100% bug free !!!!!! -- You'd have to build in some obsolescence otherwise nobody would ever (or very rarely) update.

    There wouldn't be a need even for excellent Forums like these to exist any more either. Now that Would be a pity.

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    So true... and no matter how much you test there are still going to be bugs.
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    Saying in grad school. "Software is never finished it's just released."
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    jimbo45 said: View Post
    Hi there

    On install -- NO prompt for a Ms account if you are already using a Local account -- OK

    File explorer -- No double showing of disks --OK
    File explorer - Icon changed (I like it) to a "Polo Mint or Donut" type ring when displaying Disk properties. -- OK

    Search on menu -- Improved megarly 90% OK 10% still NOK.

    Start menu (tiles) does not display on a non Touch device - always boots to desktop --NOK

    Cannot get into the UI to change menu colour etc. as per previous build -- NOK

    Apps all mine working so far --OK

    Network shares SAMBA to W10 -- C drive not properly displayed NOK
    SAMBA to W10 Other drives -- all accessible OK
    W10 9926 to W10 10036 OK

    Media servers from Linux and Windows (Mezzmo, Plex, Logitech mediaserver) OK
    Media servers to Smart TV Mezzmo OK, Plex OK, Logitech media server OK

    Touch -- haven't tested yet as installed on standard PC.

    Start Menu for standard Apps -- DOGS DINNER -- have to scroll via alphabetical stuff and has EVERYTHING on it --NOT OK !!

    Build seems reasonable -- will stick with it for a while - if new official build comes out will revert bXH TO 9926 AND UPDATE.

    Main gripe --start menu still a dogs dinner and the "C" drive doesn't properly display in SAMBA -- had that problem in build 9926 as well. Irritants aren't bad enough to stop me using this for a while though. Installed on a PHYSICAL non touch spare desktop.

    Thanks for the information. I hope that the official version will clear up some of your concerns! In the meantime, I think I will stick to the 9926 build. Am very anxious for the 10036 build to come out but with stability!
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    orlbuckeye said: View Post
    Saying in grad school. "Software is never finished it's just released."
    So darn true.. it's never done just fixed and enhanced.
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    10 Pro Preview x64

    BunnyJ said: View Post
    So darn true.. it's never done just fixed and enhanced.
    That's an optimistic way of looking at things :)
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    adamf said: View Post
    That's an optimistic way of looking at things :)
    That's the objective at least.. and when I was a programmer that's what we did all of the time. And don't forget Win8 has arond 50 Million lines of code.. that must be hell to debug.
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