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    Windows 10 Pro For Workstations

    No new themes just the same boring crap.
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    Windows 11 Pro X64

    groze said:
    Did Microsoft included the new dark theme(s) and does anyone have a screenshot?
    Hopefully they come out soon, I'm looking forward to a dark theme.
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    Windows 10 Pro 22H2 64 bit

    Post from Paul Thurrott on know issues in W10 TP 9926


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    Windows 11 Pro x 2

    essenbe said:
    It sure does something. With the last build, every time I booted into 10, everything was fine. Every single time I booted into 7 after that it wanted to run check disk on every drive I had. It did it every time. Once it was finished it never wanted to run check disk again until I booted into 10, then the same routine. If this one does the same thing, it won't live long.
    I had similar problems with disk checking booting Win 7/Win8.1 or Win 7 & Win 10 TP and found a way to solve this, however my method only works if you installed using the "BIOS boot" method and un-plugging the Win 7 or win 8.1 drive during Win 10 installation.

    After installing Win 10 and plugging in the separate drive of your other OS boot into Win 10 using bios option then open "Disk Management" to see if your other OS is listed and a drive letter assigned, If so remove the drive letter from the other OS.

    Next open Device Manager and expand "Disk Drives" then right click each drive and see which one has the "Disable" option listed then disable that drive. Note: the Drive that has the disable option will be the other not currently booted OS (Win 7/8.1).

    Next boot into your Win 7/8.1 drive and repeat the same steps above checking disk management for a drive letter assigned to the opposite OS, then removing and finally disabling the drive that has that option which will now be the not currently booted Win 10 drive.

    As a bonus previous to this build using this method I've found that System restore works on both OS and no restore points are lost when switching from Win 7/8.1 to Win 10. EDIT: I just retested System Restore on this new build & my Windows 7 OS and System Restore completed successfully for both Win 10 and 7.

    Discuss new Windows 10 build 9926-win-10.pngDiscuss new Windows 10 build 9926-win-10-2.pngDiscuss new Windows 10 build 9926-disable.png

    Note: The above screen shots were taken while booted into windows 10, When you boot into your other OS system (Win 7/8.1) remove the drive letter for Win 10 if needed & Disable that drive in Device Manager.
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    Windows 11 Beta channel

    Dude said:
    groze said:
    Did Microsoft included the new dark theme(s) and does anyone have a screenshot?
    Hopefully they come out soon, I'm looking forward to a dark theme.
    Shouldn't be long. If you look down at the notification icons by the clock, they've got that "traced" look that was so prevalent in the leaked screenshots of the dark theme.
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    W7 Ultimate SP1 (64 bit), LM 19.2 MATE (64 bit), W10 Home 1703 (64 bit), W10 Pro 1703 (64 bit) VM


    I just installed W10TP b9926 from the ISO (in VMware Player on Linux Mint 17.1 Host OS).
    It only took 15 minutes.

    IE11 worked OK.

    Networking is all screwed up.
    I can see other machines and I can ping them, but I can't connect to any of them (even using their IP addresses).

    I can't resize the Start Menu either (I can maximise it).

    Window Snapping was not working right either.
    With 2 windows, one of them would snap 50% as per normal, but the other one would snap to 15%(?) width.
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    Windows / Linux : Arch Linux

    Hi there

    update install seems fine (updated via using the iso rather than the "update" from the pc settings. Update worked fine and all apps seem to be running OK.

    Still have problems though with SHARING on a Home Lan via Hostname. Block INBOUND Port as before and it works fine (this is for accessing W10 shares FROM W7 / XP / SAMBA). As before there's no problem browsing a network FROM W10.

    If you don't have Samba shares or Windows versions earlier than W8 on your LAN then you don't need to block the port.

    (Note - this is simply for those who access computers via HOST NAME. If you have fixed IP addresses or using a Hosts / LMHOSTS file then you don't need to block the port either).

    @Lehnerus 2000

    Play around with Inbound TCP Ports 445 / 139 on the W10 VM firewall. Add also Wins = Yes in the Samba file (I know you don't have to use Wins bit it fixes SAMBA). I'm running CENTOS 7 Host, WKS 11 (player 7) and the new build as a VM.

    If you disable the Windows firewall Networking can get hosed up - you need to set a rule to block one of these inbound TCP ports 139 or 445 -- can't remember exactly as I'm not on the machine at the moment --going out to watch some "Footie" today. !! I've posted I think some details about this before in Networking or Virtualisation sections.

    Setting Wins might solve "Timeout" when using network browsing from SAMBA- depends on your distro though.
    Set networking also to BRIDGED -- there might be a problem with NAT in the VMware config file for the VM.

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    Windows 10 Pro

    Does it pass a system file check ?

    Maybe not important, but important to me.
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    Windows 10 X64

    Well TP 9926 installed all by itself, took awhile....

    But where is the Metro? And if available how can i get this back? Anyone?

    Where is the Charms Bar?

    Thanks for any help

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    Windows 10 X64

    I another thing....

    the SEARCH in the taskbar is the same when you left click the left corner....
    hitting the left corner and you can see "EXPLORE WINDOWS" and "EVERDAY APPS"...when you click this nothing happens, so why is it there?

    In Taskbar and Start Menu Properties (see attachment) it says that the upper-right corner is for the Charms bar to show.....nothing happens


    thanks 2

    JeffDiscuss new Windows 10 build 9926-charms.png
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