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    Windows 10 Pro 22H2 64 bit

    alphanumeric said:
    Phone Man said:
    In previous builds I dual booted W10 and W8.1 on same disk and worked OK.
    This time I installed my new SSD, disconnected all other drives and installed W10.
    It did just fine and was able to play with and add a few programs. I then reconnected my other drives so I could dual boot through my Bios. As the two OS had different drive letters when I set it up, everything was looking good.
    Then the sh-t hit the fan. After booting back and forth and accessing the other drives all my drives got corrupted.
    So I deleted W10 and formatted my SSD. Then cleaned up my drives and back to normal.
    I will try again in a few weeks but this time I will unplug the other drives when using W10 and unplug the W10 drive when using W8.1
    This will be a minor PIA but not taking any chances on screwing up my system again.
    I believe someone else mentioned corruption of drives when using W10 and W7.

    Similar thing happened to me. Installed 10 on its own drive with my 8.1 drive disconnected. Plugged my Windows 8.1 drive back in and tried to boot from it. I got a "repairing volume" or something similar message. I don't remember the exact wording. It slowly went to 100% and then booted into 8.1 OK. A few reboots latter my Windows 10 install had a BSOD on boot up. It rebooted automatically and then blue screened again. I gave up and booted into 8.1. I then did a clean on the windows 10 drive and unplugged it again. Now I'm back to just 8.1.
    My first few boots were OK then I got that same message. Seems like when W10 accesses the other drives it screws them up.
    Even after the repair it trashed them again.

    Won't do that again.

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    Windows 11 Pro X64

    That is very weird that you guys get that. I have several drives. I have 8.1 on one, a data drive, and 10 on another hard drive. I have never had that happen. I am able to go into all other drives from where ever I boot with no issues.
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    Windows 10 IoT

    My data drive was fine, as far as I know anyway, it just messed up my other SSD. Both SSD's actually. 8.1 was on one and 10 on another.
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    insider build 10586.3 win10 pro 64

    its all weird to me ,i had win8 on a ssd and win10 on a sata drive ,never hooked up atthe same time ,if i remove the win8 drive ,and hooked up the win10 drive and used win 10 for a day or so ,then shut down and unplugged the drive ,and plugged in the win8.1 drive it would not boot with out doing a repair ,and vice versa , and they were plugged into different sata connections on the motheboard
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    Windows 10 IoT

    My BIOS boot order changed on its own too at some point? My 8.1 drive was originally set as the default in BIOS and then W10 got set as default some how? I didn't swap the drives on the SATA ports either. 8.1 was SATA 1, my data drive was SATA 2 and the W 10 drive was SATA 3. The W 10 drive got shuffled to the top of the list somehow. It had me confused for a while. I was using my BIOS quick boot menu to pick which drive to boot to. It is not supposed to change the BIOS default and never has as far as I know. My BIOS may have done it automatically when it couldn't find the 8.1 drive on boot up, not sure.
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    Windows 11 Pro x 2

    gregrocker said:
    Thanks but I can't get rid of those spacings between the apps even if I try deleting, add Title and delete, try to click the three dots which are on the right side of each. If I move the tiles the spaces persist.Attachment 10954
    @gregrocker after experimenting I discovered a way to hopefully solve your problem and hope my solution is not to confusing to you or others.

    By default you can make 2 rows of tiles and then a space will be created between the new row below and the 2 rows above, to get rid of the space between two tiles takes a little persuasion as the upper and lower tiles need to be overlapped and hopefully when you let go of the lower one there is no more space between them (It may take a couple of tries of overlapping the tiles to get them to stay together).

    Discuss new Windows 10 build 9926-2-rows-default.png
    Default tile configuration with space below.

    Discuss new Windows 10 build 9926-overlap-1.png
    Overlap the tile below with the row above

    Discuss new Windows 10 build 9926-overlap-2.png
    Now there should be no space between the rows of tiles or a box with dots.

    An example using wide tiles.

    Discuss new Windows 10 build 9926-crop-1.png
    Default tile configuration with space below.

    Discuss new Windows 10 build 9926-crop-2.png
    Overlap the tile below with the row above

    Discuss new Windows 10 build 9926-crop-3.png
    Now there should be no space between the rows of tiles or a box with dots.

    This part is to explain the box with the dots and the space between tiles

    When two tiles have a space below them and you click on the empty space between the tiles that box with the 3 dots will appear to name that category, clicking outside the box makes it disappear and you are just left with the space between them. (See below)

    Discuss new Windows 10 build 9926-crop-0.1.png
    Clicking on the empty space between tiles

    Discuss new Windows 10 build 9926-crop-0.png
    Produces the box with the 3 dots

    Discuss new Windows 10 build 9926-crop-1.png
    Clicking outside the box (with all text deleted) makes it disappear again.
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    Perfect, thanks, Moneypit! :)

    There seems to be an issue with shutting down because it isn't a real shutdown but a type of Hibernate so that the OS can start back up faster. This may affect plugging in another drive without first disabling Fast Boot in BIOS setup. Hopefully someone else more familar with this issue can comment or link us to a thread on it here.

    I'm not sure how this might also be related to a jumper on some HD's that will cause them to appear to fail completely. I have one that I need to deal with in Calif after this happened twice and I junked the first one, only finding out later that there is a fix, this is a known issue being tracked in Build 9879 trashing hard drives! - Windows 10 Forums.

    I wonder if this build fixes that issue.
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    W7 Ultimate SP1 (64 bit), LM 19.2 MATE (64 bit), W10 Home 1703 (64 bit), W10 Pro 1703 (64 bit) VM

    badrobot said:
    MS didn't have to change anything on the old Start Menu, all they needed to do was to add 1 simple icon for those who already learned to love the Start Screen:

    Attachment 10942
    Nice idea. :)

    Mystere said:
    What's more comparing your average Linux desktop to the Windows (or Mac) desktop fails in so many ways. Most of them don't have drag-and drop icon placement.
    Linux Mint has "Columns" (no obvious setting) but doesn't have "Grid".

    Mystere said:
    Hell, Linux itself doesn't have a simple concept both Windows and Mac have had for 30 years, embedded icons in the applications so you have to specify external icons for you menus for every application.. this typically means a text-based configuration file, or a horribly designed menu editor. Configurable? Sure. User-friendly? Not at all.
    It's fun adding hundreds of icons, of various types and sizes, when you are trying to create your own Linux theme.

    Still embedded icons are used by malware writers to trick people (e.g. text icon for exe files).
    I'm not sure what the solution to that is.

    My friend and I discussed this (years ago) and the best we could come up with is that icons should be made up of two components.
    The file contains one part and the OS adds the second part based on the type of file (e.g. a special overlay for exe files, etc.).

    Mystere said:
    Don't even get started on multiple monitors.. The better distros typically include a tool that may work for certain configurations... often times you have to have monitors of the same size to make it work correctly, if at all. You may have to use a different tool depending on which video card you have. Or you may have to hand-edit your configuration files to define your monitors correctly for multi-monitor usage. Again, configurable? Sure... User-friendly? Fail.
    Six of one and a half dozen of the other.

    My Toshiba laptop has Intel graphics.
    In Windows 7:
    • The graphics control panel has a splash screen saying something like, "Great for monitors and TVs" (it has no TV settings at all!)
    • It is supposed to output "1366x768", but the TV doesn't recognise the signal
    • There are no adjustments that I can find to make it output a signal the TV recognises

    In Linux Mint 17.1 MATE:
    • There is no Intel graphics control panel
    • The OS graphics setup window can't correctly place and set the resolution
    • My friend was able to create 3 Terminal instructions, which at least allow video to be sent to the TV

    Mystere said:
    Linux on the desktop always fails because everything is pieced together, and they only go 80% of the way until the problem is solved for whoever was doing the work. Once their itch is scratched, they lose interest in completing the work and making it rock solid and fully featured. Yes, you have lots of choice... but not if you want a consistent, working system.
    Agreed, but I'd say that is an overly generous estimate.

    IMO, Windows stuff is ~80% complete and Linux stuff is closer to ~50% complete. :)
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    Windows 10

    It's just not looking like a finished product! The links, fonts and proportions just aren't happening, like that tiny 'All apps' link.
    It's not polished enough yet.

    Discuss new Windows 10 build 9926-000015.png
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    Windows 10

    And, what's with the tiny 'forward/back' arrows, that I can barely see, in File Explorer?
    What's the point of that!?
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