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    Hi, I've installed Win10 TP in VM player yesterday, received the security code from MS, 10 was activated. I'm not a PC expert or an IT pro, do I need to join the insider program to receive build updates? I have sent some feedback already when I was trying it out yesterday.

    On another note, since it's installed in a virtual machine will that stop any build updates from being installed? I'd rather not install it on the SSD of my home desktop, for my situation VM is best right now.

    Thanks for replies :)
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    Welcome to the Forums.

    If you are using VMPlayer 6.x I recommend updating to 7.x. I have found that 7 handles the preview much better. Even on 6.x I was able to update to the next release. Using 7 you should be fine.

    Also it's a good idea to defrag inside W10 then use the VMPlayer defrag of the virtual disk, and finally a defrag of the host OS. This sequence is recommended by VMWare.

    This should make W10 more responsive. Without defrags you may get Explorer windows opening sluggishly etc..

    Have fun with it! :)
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    Thanks for the info MilesAhead, I'm using VM Player 7.0.0 build-2305329. As far as defragging goes I'm using an SSD, doing defragmentation within Win10 and then using VM for the virtual disk wouldn't actually run defrag on my physical SSD would it? So far it's not too bad, it (Win10 in a VM) is more sluggish than I'm used to but I've been running Win7 on an SSD for a few years now.

    Noticed a few "page can't be displayed" errors when surfing around, seemed to be when I'm asked to log on, after typing login and password, click ok that it would go to that page. The one I remember was on YouTube where it asked for a login due to what was considered "adult" content. It was one of the many "Fail" video's. Other one was a forum. But those aren't any big deal, I'm having some fun trying out a new OS.
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    With SSD I would not bother with defrag. On the browser page display errors have you tried the same pages wih another browser? Firefox Portable from PortableApps works pretty well in a VM. You can customize it on the host OS then just cooy the entire folder into the VM if you have VMWare Tools installed.
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    Hi there

    W10 on VMware player release 7 has a few issues I've found.

    1) sometimes USB devices don't get recognised by File explorer even though you attach them via the VM menu.
    2) depending on your HOST machine's hardware and the HOST OS you might have to change the USB to USB2.0 rather than USB3.0 in the VM menu (before powering on the VM).
    3) Unity mode can be flakey sometimes the desktop stays as a visible rectangle on the HOST's desktop.
    4) VM sometimes freezes WHOLE machine - HOST reboot required.

    While VMware player 7 (and WKS 11) has some brilliant features such as dynamic use of RAM and better performance all round I don't think it's quite ready for prime time when running W10 as a VM.

    If you DO decide to drop back to workstation 10.0.4 / vmplayer 6 then UNINSTALL VMWARE TOOLS on the VM before reverting back otherwise the VM may error out as "Non compatible". Re-install the version of VMware tools corresponding to your release of VMware workstation / player.

    Whether running W10 as a VM or a REAL machine copying say a web's URL and pasting it into email / a forum post etc doesn't always work - get around which seems to fix this in IE is display in compatibility mode. That might also solve problems with some sites that don't render properly either.

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    I didn't use USB in the VMWare Player and so didn't encounter those issues. What I did encounter was the inability to install the x64 ISO of the first build using the 6.x Player. With the 7 player it installed without a hiccup. Also it runs much smoother, at least on my Toshiba Laptop. Likely the experience wavers with the host HW/OS combo in question. Also Player 7 has the advantage that W10 is listed and detected. Not to mention additional Linux distros.
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    For me overall there hasn't been much trouble, I don't do very much to put any strain on, or tax the OS. Mostly surf, forums, watch a video here and there, and of course email, I'm not a very good user to test an OS. I would consider myself a normal (if there is such a thing) user with a bit more knowledge than the average.

    Some slowing is probably caused by the VM using 1 processor on the CPU instead of 4, I set it to use 4 but it was running hotter than normal. CPU usually runs around 34c, it was consistently in the mid 40's when I had the VM set to use 4 processors. The slight slowdown isn't anything, I expected some just from running a VM.

    I also haven't tried any USB connecting, the VM is set to USB3.0, I am running the host OS in the background with the VM in a slightly smaller window in front. That way it's easy to move back and forth between the Win10 VM and the host Win7. Haven't had any freezing of the host machine, sometimes short hang on the Win10 VM but that clears.
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