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       02 Nov 2014 #1

    Your Build 9860 Evaluation

    Been using Build 9860 for a greater part of the day. I realize this is beta, but:

    I know I can configure to use the Start Screen, but trying the Start Menu out first and canít boot to Start Screen yet. The Start Menu is a mess to the point of a joke no matter how many tiles I can fit on it. I'd rather have full screen. Difficult for me since I didn't use the Start Menu to begin with. The Start Screen is much more efficient. I liked it better when it returned to the Start Screen when closing out apps and/or the desktop portal. Now I'm left to look at an empty desktop only to push the WinKey again for a small menu.

    No Modern version of IE yet. Hopefully that will come.

    They ruined search. It doesn't give the option of where to search even with keyboard shortcuts. WinKey/Q/F/& S all search "Everywhere". It's also slow as pouring honey in the Artic. As of now anyway.

    Not sure about Store apps running on the desktop. Snapping is a joke as seen below. The Store apps don't adhere to equilateral quadrants. I've read others complain about this, so it's not the monitor. Virtual desktops may make up for this flaw if it turns out like this.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Task view is really WinKey/Tab for the switcher on the desktop instead of the right bar. It also shows the plus bar at the bottom for other additional desktops. I may like getting used to this.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Screenshot (9).png 
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    Alt/F4 continues to clos Win32 apps, but not Store apps as in 8.x. This is a must for me for it forces me to use the useless mouse to do so. Very inefficient.

    I dislike the black title bar at the top of Store apps. They ruined the clean look. At least WinKey/C gives me the "App Commands" aka Charms.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	App Commands Snip.PNG 
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    What's your thoughts right now?
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       02 Nov 2014 #2

    Your snap looks fine, 4 open windows there ?
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  3.    02 Nov 2014 #3

    Right clicking on a 'Multi Desktop' window enables you to move it to another. (Didn't know about that til lately.)

    Click image for larger version. 

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  4.    02 Nov 2014 #4

    Is this Careless on MS's part?

    What if a user, not aware of what they were doing, clicked 'Delete' thinking they were just clearing this 'Home' folder list and then walked away?!?!
    Thankfully, in the end, it won't let you!
    Other items you don't get so lucky!
    But, what if, for some crazy reason, you had taken 'Ownership' of that whole folder and set your Recycle Bin properties to permanently delete items?
    You could be screwed.

    Click image for larger version. 

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       02 Nov 2014 #5

    I am hoping a lot of what you mention comes when we get the consumer preview

    As a desktop preview I think it works well, if you use the start menu, everything runs together on the desktop and looks really nice, the start screen in it currently looks like it was added as a big afterthought and is not a nice experience (for me)

    Personally I am happy the way things work for people who want to be 100% in the desktop, but for future the things I would like are
    Option to have apps default to full screen if using the start screen and return to start screen when closed
    Option to enable the charms bar and app switcher as in win 8
    Option to disable store apps in the taskbar and not see taskbar on start screen/store apps

    I could get used to the way things work now, but hoping that more refinements to make it work a bit more similar to 8.1 for those that want it, as for me I prefer the 8.1 experience

    The only downside of things if it stays similar to now, is that when its released i would abandon store apps and just use desktop versions/web pages instead
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  6.    02 Nov 2014 #6

    Still not gettin' the whole Virtual Desktops thing.
    If you've got a whack of windows open on one or more 'Virtual Desktops', (doesn't matter), it's easier and faster to hover on the appropriate spot on the taskbar and choose the desired window from the jump lists.
    Seems like 3 extra mouse clicks are necessary to go to the 'Task view' icon then click on the appropriate desktop then click on the desired window.
    Furthermore, Explorer windows don't run in a separate process as they should in 'virtual' environment.
    (With my weak machine, I had to open 97 Explorer windows before it would crash!)

    Click image for larger version. 

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       02 Nov 2014 #7

    Underwhelmed by b9860

    In b9841:
    • I found no major issues
    • Window Snapping on the desktop was nicely improved
    • the Command Prompt enhancements were nice too

    I don't know if App Snapping worked though.
    I saw some complaints about it on this forum.

    I think b9860 has been a backwards step compared to b9841.
    There are apparently lots of changes, but I have no idea what things I should be testing (to find them).

    I was pleased/surprised by how well b9841 ran, but b9860 has been a bit underwhelming in comparison.

    Hopefully the next build will get W10 back on track.
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       02 Nov 2014 #8

    So far:
    I'm quite happy with build 9860 and I have no major issues. My update from 9814 went fine and then I created an ISO and performed a clean install so I have a dual boot(Win8.1.1/Win10TP).

    For my usage needs everything is just "right". But I'm sure it's not perfect for all users.

    Just my 2c...
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       02 Nov 2014 #9

    From what I've read in TF, it seems there are 2 approaches to using the "9860 Update".
    1) Use WTP 9860 as an update to 9841.
    2) Do a clean install of 9860 using the "9860 ESD ISO".

    Depending how each person is using WTP, issues/differences/changes/etc. could be different...
    I think knowing which way a person is using "9860" when posting would help ...

    my 2 cents
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       02 Nov 2014 #10

    DavidE said: View Post
    From what I've read in TF, it seems there are 2 approaches to using the "9860 Update".
    1) Use WTP 9860 as an update to 9841.
    2) Do a clean install of 9860 using the "9860 ESD ISO".

    Depending how each person is using WTP, issues/differences/changes/etc. could be different...
    I think knowing which way a person is using "9860" when posting would help ...

    my 2 cents
    I am using it in VMWare so not sure if this makes it work differently to a install on an actual PC or not

    As for upgrades, I started on 9841 and then used the in place upgrade to 9860, no ISO for me

    This is how I plan on doing it till the preview is finished, using it as I would 8, just let windows manage the upgrades
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