I've tried about 5 times now to get 10565 installed. It freezes every time at 92% with configuring settings at 69-70%. I'm running an HP Envy 700-410 desktop that has an Intel Core i5-4440 processor, 8GB of ram, (1) 2TB HDD internal, (2) 1 TB HDDs internal, (1) 4TB HDD external, (1) 2TB HDD external, (1) 1TB HDD external, and (1) 500GB HDD external. (I know, I have a TON of drive space!

I tried to install it for the 5th time last night right before I went to bed at 10pm. At that point, it had just gotten to 92%. I turned my monitor off and when I got up this morning at 5:30am, it was still at 92%. It didn't do a thing all night. Any suggestions or ideas? I'm going to try unplugging all my external drives when I get home and try it again.

I have tried going back to the version prior to 10547 but I get the message that those files have already been deleted. I'm at a loss here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.