At least to me it's weird stuff. I was just about ready to format and reinstall Win10 from scratch. No matter what I tried, it wouldnt remember my folder view settings anymore since upping to build 10532. I know how to customize folders, so that's wasnt the issue. It always reverted back to General View, no matter what I chose or configured.

So before reinstallation, I created a new admin account and tried there. It worked as hoped, all settings remembered and applied to folders when chosen so. I logged back out, and back into the account that wouldnt remember settings.

And, behold, all old view settings were suddenly applied and remembered, even before I did a single thing. But, my Office Suite is no longer activated now. Not a biggie, just another strange thing.

How does creating and changing settings such as view settings in one account have any influence over another account? Anyone know?

Also, anyone know what happenend to the "rememeber each folders view settings" setting? And if it's gone, how does one get Windows to remember each folders view settings (and I mean, specifically per folder, not the settings applied to folder groups/kind).