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Oh! :) I was thinking of a broader nature of things, but you started me thinking outside the box again . . .

If we were to have a "sticky" at the beginning of General, and go on down the line until we finally get to Windows Insider.

Each Sticky would need to be a little different in order for those helping to know as much as possible about the problem.

StarFerret just brought me her thinking hat! Such a helpful little critter.
I'd feel that would be a little too complicated, Wyn. Windows Insider is a sub-forum of Windows TenForums as seen below. Technically Insiders should only post their problem(s) in a thread (just as we are here) of the Windows Insider sub-forum. I feel all Insider news should be posted here as well. It could also be duplicated in the News sub-forum also. No harm there.

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The sticky I suggested could be placed at the top along with the other stickies on the Windows Insider sub-forum as seen below. Perhaps that could be duplicated in the General Discussion sub-forum stickies so to direct any Insiders to the Windows Insider sub-forum. Of course the general purpose of the sticky is to lay out suggestions as how to post a problem stating the build number and other vital info.

Furthermore, technically Insiders shouldn't be helping RTM build 10240 users unless we have one ourselves. We could lead members the wrong way since we're not on the same build. I had to back off a thread about the Email app just for that reason. I was seeing different results being on a different build.

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