Windows 10: Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview problem?

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    Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17083
       06 Sep 2015 #11

    Be sure to give us the results of sfc /scannow. Also all the screen shots that Simrick asked for.

    Hopefully, you'll get there.
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  2.    06 Sep 2015 #12

    TCB206 said: View Post
    Hello thank you for all the help again everyone, the computer currently has Windows 10 on it.
    Okay, thanks for clarifying. Please post the screenshots requested above then.

    TCB206 said: View Post
    ... from what I understand when he first upgraded to Windows 10 it was upgraded from his OEM Windows 8.1 that came with his computer.
    Okay, so he upgraded from W8.1Home OEM to W10 Home.
    - Do we know if the computer was indeed "activated" at this point?

    TCB206 said: View Post
    Later on he attempted to use this key from his friend I am not sure where he got it from but the way he described it, it wasn't an iso file he just typed in the key in the microsoft store it sounds like and it began installing and upgrading from there but afterwards it would not activate.
    Okay, got it.

    TCB206 said: View Post
    The system currently doesn't have any software on it, just because I have been unable to fix this. From what I understand after he used the key he was able to do everything except change his screen saver and personal settings,
    Yes, this is because the system was not "activated" at that point with W10Pro.

    TCB206 said: View Post
    then shortly after that he used the revert to Windows 8.1 option and that is when it created a temporary user profile and everything went really bad. He just attempted to use a key he did not use an ISO file.
    Okay, so we went W8.1Home OEM activated > Win10Home (possibly activated?) > W10Pro not activated, then used the revert function back to W8.1Home OEM.

    TCB206 said: View Post
    Unfortunately he does not have the OEM recovery partition or anything so I have been using a Windows 8 ISO file I got from microsoft to do a complete clean install then from there I have attempted to enter in his original key I pulled from the bios to make sure even though windows says activated now and before the clean install it did not. Then again even Windows 10 now it says activated and it did not before with that key. I will go do those commands for Windows 10 and post the screen shots. Thank you again for all of your help I appreciate it.
    So we have W10 Home on there now and it says activated?
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  3.    06 Sep 2015 #13

    sorry these images are so big, I took the shot with a cell phone. Anyways here you go.
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  4.    06 Sep 2015 #14

    Thanks. It looks good to me. We can know now that the system was indeed activated when it was first upgraded to W10Home. That's good.

    Please run the sfc /scannow tool from an administrator command prompt once to make sure the filesystem is intact. It should come back with "no integrity violations found".

    Assuming it does, then please turn on system restore, and create a restore point or two.

    Next, turn off Fast Startup, shutdown the computer and start it up again (NOT a reboot). Do it again once more. If everything seems fine, go ahead and enable Fast Startup again.

    Now that the computer has been successfully upgraded and activated with W10Home, the W10 Home OS can be clean installed as often as needed, skipping the key if it asks for it. But, don't lose that W8.1 key....just in case down the line it's needed.

    Please report back your results.
    Last edited by simrick; 07 Sep 2015 at 15:57. Reason: added links for system restore
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  5.    06 Sep 2015 #15

    One more thing: what's going on with the graphics card and your comment that it said W10Pro Insider? I never saw a screenshot of that - is it still there? If so, can we see that please?
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  6.    07 Sep 2015 #16

    hey guys sorry I havn't been very quick on this. I am about to go grab my laptop and run the sfc scan. I will take some screen shots and show you everything including where the graphics options shows Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview.
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  7.    07 Sep 2015 #17

    TCB206 said: View Post
    hey guys sorry I havn't been very quick on this. I am about to go grab my laptop and run the sfc scan. I will take some screen shots and show you everything including where the graphics options shows Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview.
    Sounds good.
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  •    07 Sep 2015 #18

    Alright so I ran the scan in an administrator command prompt and it didn't find anything wrong. I also created two restore points. I took a couple pictures for you the first one is from the control panel showing what operating system is currently installed. The second is from the very same computer under graphic properties. Let me know what you think once again I really do appreciate all the help as I really don't even know what to make of this.

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    Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17083
       07 Sep 2015 #19

    TCB, how old is this computer? When did the owner buy it?

    Also, what are the specs?
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  •    07 Sep 2015 #20

    Hi @Wynona.
    Looking at the shot of the Intel Graphics Control Panel, I'm gonna make an educated guess here:

    When the computer was upgraded to W10Pro, (even though it was not activated), the Intel software grabbed that upgrade info and now includes it in the Intel report panel, as shown in the photo. I'm gonna say, it's harmless, and probably the only way to get rid of that is to uninstall and reinstall the Intel Software. However, I think it's benign, and has absolutely nothing to do with the graphics driver itself.

    Do you agree?

    Aside from that, he is activated, he set restore points, it's the correct version, and unless he finds any instability, I think he's good to go. And, school starts tomorrow for a lot of kids!

    The only thing we're waiting on, is the result of sfc /scannow.
    Sorry, I just re-read his post above and he indicates that there are no integrity violations from the scan results.
    Last edited by simrick; 07 Sep 2015 at 18:18. Reason: sfc /scannow note
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