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LOL - I just applied this part of your post to Win 10 RTM situation and thought: Hmmm, it's kinda like Win 10 RTM, with a one year jump on it while it's free schema, is a reverse time-bomb.
Yup! Windows 10 will be an ongoing "beta" for years to come, especially for those of us who're remaining Insiders. Microsoft can just say, "It's in the works." And the RTM/GAers just have to wait while we test. :)

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I don't necessarily lay the problems entirely at the feet of the OS itself but instead wonder if the whole thing couldn't have been better communicated - maybe that's an unrealistic expectation on my part.
This Technical Preview's not the best of all worlds, but it's certainly not the worst either. At least Microsoft says they're listening and it's kind a funny, but I complained about something (forgot what) and it was fixed within a couple or three days. Yeah, I know it was a coincidence, but it does sound good. :)

Instead of a few thousand Beta Testerss (BTs), we now have millions putting the Technical Preview through its paces. We BTs filed bugs and suggestions, while we as current Technical Previewers give feedback. The difference is that the Microsoft Team members could interact with those thousands of us and even ask for more information, and were even seen in the newsgroups (now forums) when they wanted us to concentrate testing on a particular feature. That can't happen now that there are millions of what amounts to BTs!

It would be nice, though, if we could have just a tad bit of personalization. Guess that's what TenForums if for. :)