So here's my complicated tale. Been an insider from 2014 on the first builds and my computer has ALWAYS stayed activated on the Windows 10 Insider Preview. Anyways after Build 10525 was released a new problem started on my computer that caused my PC to crash when exiting games. So I decided to wait it out till the next build. (Unfortunately I did not think to Reset my PC before but I did report the bug through the Feedback app). Then Build 10532 came out and I updated but the problem was still not fixed with my games so I then decided to rollback to 10525. After I was on 10525 I realized I should just go back to 10532 and then reset and perhaps the issue would be fixed. So I started the update process back to Build 10532. Then during the update installation it froze on "Configuring settings 1%" and stayed there for about 9 hours. I realized I should just shut down the computer and turn it back on and it'll resume and perhaps override the freeze. But it didn' actually went to "Restoring previous version of Windows" and then brought me back to 10525. So then I decided to just do the reset on 10525 to fix my issue with gaming. After doing the reset now it keeps telling me repeatedly to Activate Windows and I pressed the activate button but I keep getting error 0x8004FC12. I tried contacting Microsoft but they couldn't help me and activating via phone or any other way DOES NOT WORK! I cant receive or install any updates as far as I know and I'm still an Insider on an Insider Preview. Anyone have any help or suggestions?