Hi there
I really picked the wrong machine for testing these insider builds (they work as a VM but I want to test on real hardware).

Stupid AMD computer with RADEON built in graphics fails every time when I try and install these builds via UPDATE. Works OK when done via a CLEAN install however one shouldn't have to go through that hassle.

However with "Normal" windows updates work fine on the same machine - including last mass updates for build 1803.

Don't buy AMD computers if you want to avoid grief with Windows !!!

I tried on an Intel laptop with Intel graphics -- that worked but I need that computer, also worked on an old NAS server I tested temporarily on - again Intel MOBO with NVIDIA graphics. Had to wipe that server as need it for another NAS though.

I've rescued an old Sony VAIO laptop with a PENTIUM IV and 8GB RAM so I'll have a go with that one.
I'm going to replace the AMD computer ASAP ==>it's just too much hassle it seems. Even running Native Linux the built in AMD audio doesn't work. Absolute POS so it's on a 1 way trip to the tip after I've removed SSD, HDD's, PSU and memory. - I might see if I can fit another Mobo etc into the case though.

Haven't done it for years but I'll think I'll build a custom machine, I've got a lot more time these days as I only do part time work now and I'm quite handy at Engineering, DIY etc etc.