I joined the technical preview this autumn, and it has worked great. I receive updates on a regular basis and I also try to send feedback.

The other night I decided to make a clean installation through my settings page (delete all personal files, restore windows 10 option). Before I did that I checked the activation/windows update page and it was "activated" and my version was Pro.
I had some boot issues and it didn't work. I made a new copy of Win 10 with my laptop, through the Windows page. I downloaded it and was unable to enter any key - because I cannot find it? It just to be on the webpage..

However, I skiped it. Then in windows update I hit the button to receive the insider program. But it doesnt seem to activate my computer and I'm home version now...
How do I get a preview key again? And/Or activate it?

All the FAQ's I can read is that the insider program will continue.