OK, I'm now mostly through with Day 3 of the trip, the second full content day of the Microsoft MVP summit. Once again, it's been incredibly interesting to meet and talk with the people. I caught up with my old friend, author, and instructor Joli Ballew this evening, and sat next to the inestimable Andre de la Costa, whose work I've followed for years now. MS treated us to what my family calls a "meat coma" tonight, as the Insider MVPs met for dinner at the Brazilian churrascaria restaurant Fogo de Chao. I walked the 2.5 miles back to my hotel after dinner was over, glad for the chance to burn off a few of those calories from an excellent meal.

The last presentation of the day was also the best, IMO, as the amazing and always-entertaining and thought-provoking Doug Winnie, Learning Evangelist for LinkedIn, took us through some exercises on how best to organize and prioritize your goals and objectives. He reminded me of lots of useful stuff I first worked through with a learning coach named Scott Taylor back in the early 1990s while I still worked at Novell. Doug walked us through some great exercises on how we cycle through the four squares of personal development in most aspects of life (Eager Beaver --> Uh oh! --> I think I've got this --> Mastery --> and back to square 1). Then he had us work through an inventory of what we want for ourselves, who will benefit, what we want for others, and what tools we have at our disposal to help us reach our goals. We then tackled a very interesting notion of "SuperPowers". In tying all those threads together, and examining the shadows our strengths can cast (things we need to work on to improve our abilities to interact with and assist others), he gave all of us in the room plenty to think about. As for me, he helped me focus in on how to do a better job of helping others, and making myself more available to listen and learn from them at the same time. All of this comes together to help one construct a learning Point-of-View (POV) which acts as an ongoing to-do list to help keep one's personal development goals in mind. Great stuff.

I also learned about the upcoming 1803 update today, about upcoming evolution for OneNote, and had a terrific security discussion with information about Windows Defender. In the final item, I got another great reason why it's important leave telemetry turned on in Windows 10: it provides information about security issues, attacks, exploits and so forth that MS uses to learn how to react to, block, or prevent future recurrences. Lots of important data about bitcoin mining, scams, phishing and so forth can be elicited from that telemetry information and used to make the Internet a safer place for all of us, capice?

All in all, it was another great and highly informative day. I feel a little like I'm drinking from a firehose, in that I'm full up long before the incoming stream is close to being tapped out. Whew! One more day left to go. What a great experience it's been so far, too.