I've read t he forum posts, and I see a lot of mixed reviews regarding the Windows Insider Program. I didn't see anything regarding the latest update, as specified in the title.

So , I came from 1709, and for about a month in a half I had an issue installing the Nov. 14 2007 update KB4048955 - it was so annoying. I tried everything, even found in the found a script interface someone had created that does the usual. I'm not going to mention it by name because it didn't work.

Anyway, if you are having trouble with a particular windows update pack (or more than one) I have some advice. I only figured it out yesterday, and because of that, I was able to update to the 17101.1001 which runs a lot better on my machine (as detailed in the System Specs in my profile.

Regardless of what anti-virus software you have, either 3rd-party or the built-in Windows Defender Security Center, you need to disable it. With 3rd-party software, most of them have quick "disable" buttons on the interface, or if it's in your system tray you can right click the icon and click "exit" or disable" - I'm speaking very generally here.

You do all this stuff before you install the update.

3rd-party anti-virus users - if you don't know how to completely close or completely disable your ant-virus you can do one of two things.
  1. Uninstall it from the Program and Features area in the control panel (or under Apps in that other pretty control panel MS made.)
  2. Do a google search for "how to completely disable X" - X being the name of whatever software you are using.

Windows Defender Security Center user - you rock - but Microsoft doesn't see it that way, I tried removing it from the "Turn Windows features on or off" - it was grayed out, it said my processor doesn't have SLAC something or other.

So I went into the configuration options for Security Center.

Virus and Threat Detection - go there and click "Protection Settings" and turn of
  1. Real time protection
  2. Cloud delivered protection

Go back - now click click "Ransomware protection" -

  1. you want to disable that if you have it turned on. Mine was.

Go back again - now click click "app and browser control" -

  1. This step might be useless but the last one is not -
    1. Turn "OFF" everything that you can

  2. So everything above is off and you come to "Exploit Protection"
    1. Click on "Exploit protection settings"
      1. Make note of the current settings, or at least make note of the ones you change. There is an "Export settings" button at the bottom but I didn't see how to important and really didn't research the fact, I took a screenshot and that was good enough for me.
      2. Change every one of them to "Off by default" - a red message will appear that says "the change requires you to reboot your device - that means make all your changes and reboot the device last, not reboot for every one you have.

Anyway, I have the build as specified above and I'm having no issues, I got the KB4048955 update installed, rebooted my computer and there was a critical Adobe Flash updated (for the Spectrum exploit - and a driver update for my Realtek on-board sound card -ALC8888S)

After those two were finished, I rebooted, and was notified of the Insider update, and I just winged it, it took like an hour to install. Was kind of scared that it got stuck on 96% for a long time, but I opened Task Manager then went to Performance to monitor the "System Drives (C:)" activity and saw that there was plenty of stuff happening, and Microsoft has a unique way of calculating "Percentage Complete". They like to tease you and the percentages raise very quickly and then making you think the world is over after anything above 5%, I think they want you to freak out.

Hopefully this helps someone and/or makes sense and if its considered a "useless post", after you (the admin) delete or close the post, please also disable my account as I am not equipped for this forum.

Thank you !