If youíre headed out on an end-of-the-year vacation this holiday season, you can preview that special place on Bing Maps using the new Birdís Eye experience. We have been busy processing the oblique imagery to bring you major metropolitan areas to view before you travel. We recently surpassed the 450 areas mark for our Birdís Eye imagery and there are a host of vacation favorites amongst them.

New Birdís Eye areas

Oblique imagery is a great complement to Aerial 2D imagery because it has much more depth and provides a view of your destination that is more familiar and in line with what people expect. You can see Birdís Eye imagery in Bing Maps, and this view can offer a better context for navigation because building facades can be used as landmarks. With this release, the new Birdís Eye experience passes 450 areas and the count of oblique aerial view of your favorite places keeps growing. Response to the previous version of the Birdís Eye was very positive and offers a unique asset that Bing Maps can provide to its users. The new experience continues this asset forward with better quality imagery and a better overall user experience.

Ferry Building, San Francisco, CA, on Bing Maps - https://binged.it/2zU4S3h

Sculpture Park, Denver, CO on Bing Maps - https://binged.it/2zUUsk7

Wrigley Field, Chicago, IL on Bing Maps - https://binged.it/2zUy0aS

With this release, the Bing Maps Birdís Eye product offers a much higher resolution aerial oblique views and is based off Microsoft-owned data. Our count today is over 450 areas viewable through the Bing Maps website. Have you been to any of these vacation spots? This product is also available to developers in our Bing Maps SDK.

ďThe StripĒ in Las Vegas, NV, on Bing Maps - https://binged.it/2hErXfZ

The Gateway Arch in St. Louis, MO on Bing Maps - https://binged.it/2hFNHrO

The Magic Kingdom, Disney World, in Orlando, FL on Bing Maps - https://binged.it/2zT8D9j

The world is a big place, you can now get a fresh look at over two hundred thousand square kilometers of it. New high-resolution imagery is available on Bing Maps in 15 different countries across the world. Using aircraft-mounted UltraCam Osprey cameras, Bing Maps brings you high-resolution views of your favorite vacation spots.

Charters Street, New Orleans, LA on Bing Maps - https://binged.it/2hFOE3n

The Pantheon in Italy on Bing Maps - https://binged.it/2zWeElB

Graceland in Memphis, TN on Bing Maps - https://binged.it/2zUz8uP

New oblique imagery cities

Alameda County, CA Boston, MA Contra Costa County, CA
Albuquerque, NM Boulder, CO Corpus Christi, TX
Anaheim, CA Buffalo, NY Denver, CO
Ann Arbor, MI Chapel Hill, NC Dover, DE
Atlanta, GA Charleston, SC Fort Worth, TX
Augusta, GA Chicago, IL Fort Myers, FL
Austin, TX Cleveland, OH Fresno, CA
Bakersfield, CA Colorado Springs, CO Fremont, CA
Birmingham, AL Columbia, SC Greensboro, NC
Greenville, SC Omaha, NE Santa Cruz County, CA
Houston, TX Oklahoma City, OK Sarasota, FL
Jackson, MS Orlando, FL Shreveport, LA
Jacksonville, FL Palm Bay, FL Solano County, CA
Las Vegas, NV Philadelphia County, PA Berkeley, CA
Lincoln, NE Philadelphia, PA Tallahassee, FL
Louisville, KY Providence, RI Tampa, FL
Lubbock, TX Raleigh, NC Tulsa, OK
Madison, WI Richmond, VA Wichita, KS
Marin County, CA Sacramento, CA Winston Salem, NC
Modesto, CA Saint Louis, MO Winter Park, FL
Montgomery, AL Saint Petersburg, FL
Napa County, CA San Bernardino, CA
Niagara Falls, NY San Francisco County, CA
Norfolk, VA San Jose, CA
Norristown, PA Santa Clara County, CA

Stay tuned for even more high-resolution imagery from around the world on Bing Maps.

- Bing Maps Team

Source: Over 450 Areas of Bird’s Eye Imagery Now Live on Bing Maps | Maps Blog