[Over the past few weeks, we have been hearing a lot about the ‘Andromeda’ device that Microsoft is building. The hardware, if it is ever released, is Microsoft’s vision of the mobile future or at least a device that allows them to stay in the mobile conversation.

If you have been watching First Ring Daily, I’ve been talking about this hardware with Paul for a couple of weeks and now it’s time to toss a few more details into the pot to help paint a better picture of what this device may look like when/if it is released. As always, this is early information and many aspects of the hardware could change as it marches down the production pipeline.

Here is what I have heard is that Microsoft is working on a dual-panel small-form-factor hardware that has a foldable display; there is a patent that Microsoft recently received that may depict the hardware (much like how the Surface Studio patent was representative of the shipping hardware).

Further, Microsoft is working on optimizing its apps for a dual-screen setup as I have heard from several sources inside the company saying that dual-panel UWP apps are now being quietly developed. Pen input will play an important part of the experience but it goes beyond OneNote to include Mail, Calendar, and other apps too...

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