As part of our continuous effort to deliver insights to you that help make key business decisions about your apps easier, the Dev Center team is excited to announce a few updates to analytic reports.

Review insight categories

On your Reviews report, the new Review insights feature uses machine learning to classify new app reviews, including non-English reviews, into one of 12 pre-defined categories. Now you can quickly identify themes and understand customer sentiment by filtering your app’s reviews by category. You can also apply additional filters, such as OS version or rating, that allows you to further isolate issues and find actionable feedback.

Near real time health data

Understanding your app or game’s stability as quickly as possible after launching helps you make key decisions in that critical launch window. That’s why we’ve worked hard to bring near real time health reporting to Dev Center. We’re happy to announce we are flighting this capability within our Dev Center Insider Program.

If you’ve joined the Dev Center Insider Program, the Health report’s 72H view in Dev Center now shows data for crashes, hangs, memory failures and JavaScript exceptions within minutes of those events (as compared to taking several hours). This feature will be available to all Dev Center users soon.

If you’re interested in trying out new features like this before they become available to all developers, we encourage you to join the Dev Center Insider Program. We also encourage you to provide feedback on these and other features by using the feedback tool within Dev Center.

Source: Analytic reports improvements within Dev Center - Building Apps for Windows