The Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC) receives reports about potential vulnerabilities in our products and itís the job of our engineering team to assess the severity, impact, and root cause of these issues. In practice, a significant proportion of these reports turn out to be memory corruption issues. In order to root cause these issues, an MSRC security engineer typically needs to analyze the crash and try to understand what went wrong. This workflow isnít unique to externally reported vulnerabilities; vulnerabilities that are discovered internally through fuzzing and variant investigation are also typically memory corruption issues and these need to be triaged and assessed for exploitability too.

For these reasons, MSRC has made significant investments over the course of many years to build tooling that helps us automate the root cause analysis process. VulnScan is a tool designed and developed by MSRC to help security engineers and developers determine the vulnerability type and root cause of memory corruption bugs. It is built on top of two internally developed tools: Debugging Tools for Windows (WinDbg) and Time Travel Debugging (TTD).

  • WinDbg is Microsoft's Windows debugger that has recently received a user interface makeover to make it even easier to use. You can find more information about the new WinDbg Preview version here.
  • Time Travel Debugging is an internally developed framework that records and replays execution of Windows applications. This technology was released during CPPCon 2017.

By leveraging WinDbg and TTD, VulnScan is able to automatically deduce the root cause of the most common types of memory corruption issues. Application Verifierís mechanism called PageHeap is used to trigger an access violation closer to the root cause of the issue. The analysis starts from the crash location and progresses towards the root cause. Classes of memory corruption issues supported by VulnScan:

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