On Tuesday, Bing Search announced new features that further use machine learning to provide enhanced image search for topics like shopping and celebrities, as well as a “one-stop shop” of the latest top news headlines.The enhanced image search builds on Bing Visual Search, released in June, which lets you search for images similar to an object you manually selected from another Bing image, say, a purse shown in an image of your favorite celebrity.

“Since then we’ve taken the functionality one step further; now Bing automatically recognizes objects and selects them for you, so you don’t have to manually draw boxes,” the Bing Team writes in a blog post. “You can then browse for similar-looking results in Related Products and Related Images.”

To learn more, visit the Bing Blogs.

Source: New Bing Search features use machine learning to offer enhanced image search, ‘one-stop shop’ for latest top news headlines - The Fire Hose