Announcing Windows 10 Insider Build Slow 16288 PC + Fast 15250 Mobile Insider

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    Windows 11 Pro 22631.3374

    Announcing Windows 10 Insider Build Slow 16288 PC + Fast 15250 Mobile-capture.png

    A tweet from 9 hrs ago
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    Windows 10 and windows insider

    Still no go. Thought by this a.m. We would have a fix for sure. Same old same -- sad. I'm sure the build team is sad, also.
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    Windows 10 21H1 Build 19043.1023

    cereberus said:
    Agreed - most regulars here use Pro and forget about Home users now and then.
    When I signed up back in October 2014, I don't remember being given a choice. My machine could handle 64 bit and Pro, so that's what I was given. Also, when the first RTM was released, I used my Windows 8.x license to be sure I was legal. Of course, I've slept a few times since then, so my memories could be faulty. :)
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    Windows 11 Pro 22631.3374

    I had win 7 Pro so I went with Win 10 Pro, I was not aware of a choice.
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    Windows 10 21H1 Build 19043.1023

    molivos said:
    have been released on the internet ...I 'll Download it for install ... Will there be a problem ??
    Most likely, Molivos.

    FYI, it's against TenForum rules to discuss or post links to copyrighted product found "in the wild".
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    Windows 10 Home 64bit 21H1 and insider builds

    Wynona said:
    We gotta get the updates before we can catch the problems, Keith. :) I was late to the party, but decided to jump in anyway, with the same results as everyone else.

    Obviously, there is a difference between delivery to the "first line" testers (Microsoft Personnel; Partners; OEMs) and to us Insiders. That's only logic, and of course, I'm not knowledgeable enough to pinpoint what it it is.

    I'm also sensing more discussion of the issue than outrage at the moment. Which is good to see.

    @ The More Technical among us: Should Microsoft go back to the ESD type of delivery for now, and is there a way for y'all to test delivery methods for Microsoft? Or . . . is that what we're doing anyway?
    Testing the delivery method is part of being an insider i think Wynona.
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  7. 24c
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    Win 10 Prox64 - latest "final"

    cereberus said:
    When you create an iso from UUP, it is only for the version installed - it is not dual Home/PRO. Besides we have no got far enough to create an iso.
    This issue is not really just a PRO issue, it probably applies to Home and Education as well - after most of the code is common.
    Not sure what I was thinking, or if I even was thinking, when I got on the Home/Pro deal - lack of sleep and thought probably contributed.
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    Windows 10 21H1 Build 19043.1023

    kado897 said:
    Testing the delivery method is part of being an insider i think Wynona.
    Yeah, but I was thinking of something more involved in the delivery method, Keith. I'm pretty sure there's more than just UUP for Microsofties, OEMS and Partners to get internal testing of delivery; otherwise, they wouldn't have turned this mess loose on us. :)
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    kado897 said:
    Testing the delivery method is part of being an insider i think Wynona.

    True but we have been testing it for months - go on the Feedback Hub - countless posts about it's unreliability.

    Sooner or later any development either goes into full production when stable, or deferred to a later date. We are now 4 weeks away from Oct 17th release.

    I have virtually zero confidence now that UUP is robust enough to go to production. We need another few months of testing even if they fix current issues.

    Imagine if this had been the official release to the public. MS's reputation would take a major nosedive. After BP's Maconda fiasco it was not the cost of fixing the event that savaged BP's value but the loss of reputation.

    Can MS afford to take the risk - how much of a share drop before a hostile takeover from say an Apple/Google/et al. consortium?

    Nonsense - maybe but you could see MS being split up if share price was drastically affected. All major companies will get attacked if the opposition considers the stock value is less than its realistic value. MS could be forced to sell off poor performing divisions, cut back development etc.
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    Win 10 Pro x64 19645 Fast

    I would think they could have pulled the delayed download from their servers and issued a statement stating that due to circumstances the release has been delayed UFN.
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