It’s fair to say that the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update will fall short of what Microsoft promised at Build 2017. But the software giant is now scrambling to add Story Remix, one of the best Build keynote demos, to Windows 10 in time for the update’s October 17 launch.

One can only imagine that Microsoft feels stung by criticism that it is overpromising and under-delivering with the Fall Creators Update. As I noted back in July, the Windows 10 portion of Microsoft’s Build 2017 keynote was riddled with both untruths and promised Fall Creators Update features that will not, in fact, arrive with this release.

Story Remix was the most impressive Windows 10 demo at Build 2017, and it’s been the subject of much controversy ever since Microsoft unveiled it. The firm (repeatedly) told me and others in the press and blogosphere that Story Remix would be a new Windows 10 app, and in its demo on-stage at the show the next day, the firm showed off amazing—one might say unbelievable—mixed reality capabilities that combined video with animated 3D and augmented reality (AR) objects. The quality level was almost to the level of a Hollywood movie, which further undercut the believability.

Since Build, Microsoft has moved—sometimes scarily quickly, sometimes oddly slowly—to ship new Fall Creators Update features to Windows Insiders for testing. But Story Remix has always been confusing, in part because Microsoft is apparently delivering this functionality as part of the Photos app and not in a brand new and standalone app...

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