AMD Partners Dell, HP, And Lenovo Support Ryzen Pro With New Enterprise Desktops

Advanced Micro Devices has been rolling out its latest products in what seems to be a nonstop cadence. The company started earlier this year with their consumer desktop Ryzen processors and followed with Epyc server processors, Ryzen Threadripper, Radeon Vega-based professional graphics and consumer graphics. One thing that was missing from AMD’s lineup of all these new desktop systems was their line of commercial processors specifically designed to meet large business needs. This new product line, based on Ryzen, is called "Ryzen Pro" and is designed to satisfy the differing needs of commercial users from consumer and server. And now we’re already starting to see OEM systems and customers using Ryzen Pro in their commercial systems. I got the chance to attend an event in New York City earlier this week with AMD, Dell, HP, Lenovo and System Integrators (SIs) and want to tell you what I learned.