When Windows 10 Mobile is released later this year, along with new hardware, one of the key new features will be Phone Continuum. Microsoft has shown off this feature a few times on-stage at its various conferences, and now I have had a chance to try out the feature.

Phone Continuum allows you to use your phone on a larger display and in the arrangement that I got to try out, Microsoft was using prototype phone hardware and Miracast to display the OS on a TV.

By connecting a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to your phone, in effect, you get a mobile PC on any screen that supports Miracast. If a display does not support Miracast, you can use other methods to get your phone to a display but this solution presents the easiest way to turn your phone into a ‘PC’ with the least amount of cables.

Once you are up and running, it really does feel like you are using a full blown PC. Because you get the desktop experience with Universal apps, such as the Office suite that is on Windows Mobile, there really is a reason to use the phone in this mode...

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