Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Fast & Skip Build 16273 for PC Insider

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    Windows 10 Pro Insider

    Fisher Mann said:
    Probably good they do fix the already deployed features before bringing in the new. Compounding errors would be bad for all. Reading all that has been fixed on this build, the worker bees have been busy.

    I thought about my old Dell Inspiron running on 10S and it's not a bad idea at all. It's getting by quite well on 10 Pro but 10S would be easier on it. I need to upgrade the wife's Dell Vista machine and she just may get 10S. She uses Android tablets for most things but thinks she deserves an upgraded Windows machine also, lol!
    My laptop originally came with Windows 8. I upgraded it to Window 8.1 then Windows 10. After upgrading it the laptop always seemed to under powered and slow that I stopped using it.
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    Dual boot Windows 10 FCU Pro x 64 & current Insider 10 Pro

    All but a few features, but a lot of fixes listed in Brink's OP. Probably be fixes from here until OEM release.

    Just really lookin at it now. Weather app live tiles are now working.
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    Windows 10 1703 Build 16179.10000

    16273 has failed to install several times on my Win 10 laptop - first installation got to 14% in Working on Updates phase, then the system spontaneously reverted to 16257. Several Retry attempts also failed, error 0x80070020. I tried to update from within Safe Mode (one suggested cure for that error) but with no luck. Quitting for the night (almost 11 PM EST), will try to research this some more tomorrow. May try a clean install but I don't know that I can trust the ISO I created, as that was the one that failed the first time.
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    Windows 10 Pro Insider

    Finally got to 100% around 10:40pm. Making my ISO then I'll do a restart. :)
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    Windows 10 Pro Insider

    My total time to Install and restart was 1:37. The restart took 10 minutes.
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    win 10 Insider

    Yes, much quicker here as many have found (sorry Kari!!).

    All looks good as usual.

    Thanks, Joanne, for reminder to turn hiber off.
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    Windows 10 Pro

    16273 Borked My System! Help!

    Unfortunately, I seem to be stuck in an endless reboot loop. It tells me that it couldn't install, then it gives me a "Critical Service Failed" GSOD, and when I use my Win8 thumb drive to access a recovery console (and yes, I am aware it's a different version, but it's the only recovery console I have access to), it won't let me roll back to the previous version. I really don't want to have to do a reset because I don't have all of the programs to reinstall. Right now I am trying to find a 16273 ISO so I can upgrade that way. If that doesn't work, can I use an earlier version to get me sorta back to where I was before?
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    Windows 10 Enterprise x64 (Insider)

    linw said:
    Thanks, Joanne, for reminder to turn hiber off.
    It needs way more upvoting to get noticed.
    Direct link: Feedback Hub - Windows Insider

    At least they fixed the silly, completely unacknowledged (until today) sleep issue.

    Rocky said:
    Mine took 28 minutes from the very start to completely done, that was pretty fast for me.
    What is your souped-up system disk setup? Nvme? RAID 0? Both?
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    W11+W11 Developer Insider + Linux

    Yes, fast one, less than an hour on this machine and that's counting download of about 40mbps. I attribute that to missing 77-79% high disk usage which is slowest part of all. It would be even faster if process used more resources, I have 6 cores, 12 thread 4GHz processor and update uses only one core/thread. Same with RAM, only 20% of 16GB. If it was using more resources it would be even faster. It's not very best idea to use computer during the update as it may interfere with process so saving resources is not a priority.
    I'm going to use same ISO, I made from this one, on second computer that's much slower with 4 cores and 5400Rpm HDD and see how long it takes. That would be minus download time of course.
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 21H1 Build 19043.1151 (Branch: Release Preview)

    Sucking this one now. Online part was really quick on my VM. Took longer to MAX-compress the setup files to a zip. :)

    Rebooting and finalizing upgrade now.
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