Happy Friday, Insiders!

I have four pieces of news to share:

  1. We're tweaking the names of the Insider levels. Release cadence doesn't change, just the names: Changes to Slow/Fast level names for Office Insider for Windows desktop
  2. We just released an Insider Slow patch for Version 1707, the July feature update.
  3. We just released a new Insider Fast update since we hadn't shipped a new build in a while. Look for 8431.2022.
  4. You can read more about the two updates above in this newly minted article: Update history for Office Insider for Windows desktop

The Update History article is fully localized within 48 hours, which is good news for our global Insiders. Bear in mind that it takes the other languages a little while to catch up with changes to the English version, so if things look out of sync, that's why. The fact that we tweak these articles frequently makes translation even harder, but hey, that's life in the Fast lane.

Please bookmark the article and feel free to suggest improvements. You can reply on this post or use the feedback controls at the bottom of the article itself. I'll be watching both.

This is the first step on the road to the much requested release notes. ;-)

Have a good one.


P.S. We'll wait for the level name changes to roll out to all Insiders before updating the documentation to match.

Source: Microsoft Community

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