Microsoft: We stand behind Surface Surface

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       12 Aug 2017 #30

    Lets put the record straight....Surface Pro 4s when I first purchased in January last year were plagued with faults.

    One major store here in the UK who advertised them, when visited in January last year for a demo, told me that they no longer kept them as all sold had been RTM.

    I ordered one because I found it hard to believe and arranged to pick it up next day....silly me.

    The problem was one evening just before retiring for the night it started to get very hot, trying to turn it off was impossible, so I finished up leaving it in the kitchen sink in case it caught fire or exploded....fortunately it ran out of steam overnight.

    Took it back to store for a replacement....the less said about reliability on the replacement the better....this also being RTM.

    Two months later I purchased one from another Computer outlet and as stated in my post #7..... "a Surface pro 4 when working properly is a superb product"

    Most if not all have been rectified and improved on from March onward last year, mine has been trouble free, my gripe, having to purchase another pen after only 14 months.

    M$ marketing need to be made aware of the adage....look after the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves.
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  2.    12 Aug 2017 #31

    I just wonder what MS does with the RTM ones and then offers them up again as refurbished. Somehow they get them apart?? and repair what was the problem or just update SW, retest and send them out again. I have come close to buying one, but will not settle for the M3, might be happy with the i5? but would prefer the i7 of course. The price difference is almost heart stopping. Can't understand why they would sell a product without a keyboard that also functions to cover the screen in transport. Then the pen. Regardless, would have been at the MS store today if the Lotto came thru.
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       12 Aug 2017 #32

    sygnus21 said: View Post
    I'm personally not hating on both the Surface Pro and Surface Book Pro as I and many others think they're good performing products. They've certainly set the market ablaze and people and reviews rave about them. In the end the only real question is life expectancy.

    Regardless they're still good products, though a bit pricey. Speaking of pricing, I head one reviewer speculate the reason they're so pricey is not to push their competitors away as they're also supplying those same competitors with their products. Buy pricing their offerings slightly higher, they allow the others to stay competitive pricewise.

    A win-win for MS - they sell hardware/software to their competitors while also competing against them (at a higher price range) in a crowed mobile PC market.

    Again, life expectancy will be the real issue since no one wants to pay a premium for an item they hear may not make it past two years. CR didn't do them any favors.
    The reason they are more expensive than other notebooks and all in ones, is because they don't come with 3rd party crap/bloatware, just like all Microsoft Signature Edition products.

    Nope, no Cyberlink, or Norton, or Kaspersky on them lappy's!

    That so called crapware is what brings down the prices.

    Bloatware: Why computer makers fill your PC with junk, and how to get rid of it
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  4.    12 Aug 2017 #33

    slicendice said: View Post
    Yes I remember this happening. But we all have to remember that MS is mainly in the software and marketing business, not hardware business.
    Microsoft actually IS in the hardware business and does sell hardware. Anyway, I'm not saying MS isn't going to update the equipment, I know they will, as they did with the new Surface Pro's, it's just a matter of time when they'll update the Surface Book. That said, rumor has it, a new SB will be released sometime later this year. I just couldn't wait that long.
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  5.    12 Aug 2017 #34

    Cliff S said: View Post
    The reason they are more expensive than other notebooks and all in ones, is because they don't come with 3rd party crap/bloatware, just like all Microsoft Signature Edition products.

    Nope, no Cyberlink, or Norton, or Kaspersky on them lappy's!

    That so called crapware is what brings down the prices.

    Bloatware: Why computer makers fill your PC with junk, and how to get rid of it

    That's a good point if true. That said, other than the Lenovo Companion and Lenovo Settings software, my notebook had no bloatware installed - no temp AV's or ads, no buy this, buy that, try this, try that stuff. It didn't even have the usual trial versions of Office. Though that one was an opt out when I customized the build. Of course these are their business class notebooks so...

    My Asus on the other hand came with all sorts of stuff. Took a few days to figure out what was what and what was safe to remove
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       12 Aug 2017 #35

    I personally own an SP3 (had it since the 1st day they went on sale) and have an SP4 as my work machine. Both have performed flawlessly, only problem I've encountered so far was that the key cap for the H key on the Type Cover for the SP4 kept falling off. MS replaced the keyboard under warranty.

    The SP3 originally came with Win 8 Pro installed, upgraded to Win 10 Pro. SP4 came with Win 10 Pro installed. Both run Win 10 without issue.

    The SP4 gets a lot more use and is subjected to a lot more jostling than the SP3 since it's my work machine and I travel frequently. I've had the SP4 for 6 months so far, will have to see how long it holds up.
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       13 Aug 2017 #37

    Thanks Shawn, this article backs up more or less my own experiences particularly regarding early releases of SP4 circa January 2016.
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  9.    13 Aug 2017 #38

    I honestly don't know what to believe as I seriously doubt Consumer Report would willy nilly intentionally publish those findings without cause. They certainly have case to support their claim - Welcome to Surfacegate -

    That said, MS wouldn't be the only company in the world to have QC issues - Apple, been there, done that. Samsung, yeah. Such is the world of tech. MS just needs to be honest with this, fix the issues, and comfort their customer base. Something easier said than done.

    With that, If I didn't have my Lenovo, I'd still go for Microsoft's Surface Book Pro.

    My Two cents.
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       13 Aug 2017 #39

    Thanks @Brink

    That article pretty much summarizes what I was trying to say. :)
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