Find out how to use Update Compliance to monitor Windows Updates, Windows Defender Antivirus and troubleshoot update failures in your environment.

This new demo from Microsoft Mechanics walks you through common usage scenarios for Windows Analytics Update Compliance, a cloud-based solution that provides you with an inventory of the devices in your organization, the version of Windows installed on each device, the update status of each device, and antimalware assessment for Windows Defender Antivirus-enabled devices. It also provides details on devices that need your attention, such as those that:

  • Are no longer receiving servicing updates.
  • Have reported a failure at some stage in the update deployment process.
  • Are missing two or more security updates.
  • Have had an update installation that has been “in progress” for more than 7 days.

You can also use the powerful built-in analytics to create custom queries. Watch the demo to learn more.

Ready to get started?

For more information, see the following Update Compliance technical docs:

Source: New demo: Windows Analytics Update Compliance Windows for IT Pros